Christmas 2014 Gift Guide

Looking for gadgets to gift this Christmas to your loved ones? Or perhaps a gift for  yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with lots of ideas. Based on the products that I’ve reviewed along the year of 2014, here is my Christmas gift guide.

Smartphones and Tablets

iPhone 6

Who doesn’t love grabbing a new smartphone? As the whole world knows, Apple released the iPhone 6 a couple of months ago and it has received solid reviews. If you or your loved one is not into iPhones, there are many other great smartphones on Android (such as the OPPO Find 7 or the Huawei Mate7 that I’m reviewing at the moment) or Windows Mobile from Microsoft (like the Lumia phones).

There are lots of great tablets out there but I’m planning myself to get the iPad Air 2 probably by the end of this year (or not – Want vs Need). For productivity with software running on Windows, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 seems like a good combo between a tablet and an Ultrabook. If you are super tight on budget, the Pendo 8 is only less than $100 and powered by a Windows 8.1. I haven’t tried both Surface Pro 3 and Pendo 8 yet, however, so I can’t really give any recommendations at this stage.

Fitness & Lifestyle

Philips-StyleShaver-7000 Review DiamondClean-Black-Edition-Review.jpg

Looking for a Christmas gift this year for your lovely dad or boyfriend? He’ll definitely love these 2 products from Philips: the Sonicare DiamondClean BlackEdition electric toothbrush and the StyleShaver (especially if he has lots of facial hair).

They work really well and they both boost the appearance and health of your loved one. A win-win situation for you!


SteelSeries H Wireless gaming headset review

Everyone is a gamer to a certain extent: casual gamers on the go with smartphones and tablets to hardcore gamers on a console or PC. For real gamers, a good gaming headset is a must. It enhances the atmosphere in a game and of course, your  gaming experience. For the best of the best gaming headsets, my most recommended one is the SteelSeries H Wireless. It’s totally wireless and you can switch easily between a desktop PC and a console with a few presses. The H Wireless also comes with 2 reachargeable batteries so you can do a swap quickly. If you don’t need all that and don’t have the cash, the Tt eSPORTS VERTO is a great choice at a great price. You’ll certainly won’t be disappointed.

Tt eSPORTS Verto Review Razer-BlackWidow-Ultimate-Stealth-2014

For PC gamers, a gaming mouse and keyboard are essentials. I recommend the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless for a cool-looking mouse with performance and comfort, plus the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2014 mechanical gaming keyboard (or the Chroma edition for more color customisations). What? He/she already has all that? How about upgrading the hard drive with the SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD with 960GB capacity?

If you don’t want to encourage your kids to become hardcore gamers, then you should pick up the Battroborg Warrior. It encourages them to stay away from the screens for a good old fun with real social interactions.

For the house

You may have 8-10 wireless devices connected to your home wireless network; streaming movies, music, and data. Things can get slow and out of hand if you have a standard router with weak signal and slow performance. So if you are looking for an upgrade to your home network, I recommend grabbing the new D-Link VIPER modem router. It has one of the best signal strengths, performance, stability, design, and features. It will totally rock your wireless home network solid.

Dyson-Cool-Review Dyson DC65 Review

Summer is coming, so it’s time to take your fan out of the closet (or prepare for an electricity bill spike if you have an air con). Don’t have one yet? Dyson’s latest fan, the Dyson Cool, is more energy efficient, powerful, yet quieter. While you are at it, grab a vacuum cleaner to clean all those pollens and dust out of your house with the latest Dyson DC65 Animal upright vacuum cleaner.

Music Lovers

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Review

For music lovers, you have plenty of options this year. For those on the go, there is the powerful Plantronics BackBeat Pro with super battery life and Active Noise Cancelling. It’s the headphone I’d recommend for those who travel a lot by train or plane. If you don’t like to wear bulky headphones while you are on and about, the Beats PowerBeats 2 is more subtle. It’s also a perfect headset for gymming or running, especially with the Bass boost that we all recognise from Beats to boost your mood and motivation.

Those who enjoy music listening in the office should grab the sleek-and-stylish headphone from Bowers & Wilkins; the P3. Its lightweight design is comfortable for listening to music for hours.

For home or open space area office, make sure to grab either the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR or SONOS:Play 1. They, of course, serve for different purposes. The ROAR is more portable and a stand-alone type, where as with SONOS:Play 1, you can chain and stream your music through your wireless network and listen to the same tune anywhere, as long as you have more than 1 SONOS speakers connected together. Great for partying.

Bowers Wilkins P3 Review SONOS Play:1 Review

If your music collection is scattered among different media like audio CDs and USB drives, the Philips Micro Music System deserves to be in your gift list. It’s a perfect gadget to be placed next to your bed, as it also comes with an alarm clock and radio.

What are you going to get this Christmas?

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