Christmas Gift Guide 2022 Part 4: Travel and Health

This is part 4 of our Christmas Gift Guide for this year. Feel free to also check the previous part for more gift ideas!

In this category, we’ll be looking at all categories related to travel and health (including fitness). Products within these categories make the perfect gifts because well, everyone needs these. They are mostly non-gender related and essentials to have, no matter what passion or hobby they are into.


For travelling with lots of gadgets (that I normally do), there’s nothing I’d recommend more than the STM Dux travel backpack. Even if you just need a well-designed backpack to carry your laptop, this backpack is still for you.

STM Dux looks as good as it’s well-designed. It’s well padded all around the bag, especially at the bottom. Plus, it has a unique side wing panel doors design where you can get access to your stuff from the sides. It’s proven to be more useful than I can think of before, after using it a few times while travelling overseas by plane.

The 16-litre Dux backpack is a good enough size for all kinds of situation but if you need a bigger bag, there is also the 30-litre version.

Another gadget that is also very important and a must-have, is the Zendure Passport III Travel Adaptor. It’s a handy adaptor that works in multiple, different countries but also has a high-powered 65W USB-C that can charge a modern laptop like my HUAWEI MateBook X Pro. Three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port for older devices are available for charging your devices simultaneously.

The last gadget on the Travel category is the portable, air purifier, nanoe X Generator from Panasonic. It has the size of a coffee cup tumbler but can purify the air around you. Our review has the scientific explanation on how it works so you know that this is not just a gimmicky device. I also once saw this being used in the car during an Uber ride overseas. Definitely handy to purify the air inside your car or a small space like your workstation.


Trying to stay fit or know someone who does? Huawei was releasing many new smartwatches and fitness bands this year, including this HUAWEI WATCH FIT 2. It’s more affordable than grabbing their more premium, flagship smartwatch, WATCH GT 3, but it still comes with lots of goodies like all-day SpO2 monitoring, built-in GPS, and heart rate tracking. It supports a lot of workouts and exercises including my only, favourite sport – Badminton. It only weighs 26 grams so most of the time, I even forgot that it’s there on my wrist all day.


A great gift to your dad and most men, the latest Braun Shaver Series 9 Pro is the best electric shaver in the market at the moment (in my opinion, at least). It offers a close shave, comfortable to hold and glide, and looks like a shaver that James Bond would approve. The included charging stand and cleaning station is also really good. Not only it charges the shaver, but also cleans, dries, and lubricates it. A luxury treatment for the moustache and beard alike.

One of the best electrical toothbrushes around, the Oral-B iO Series 9 was launched last year but the more affordable ones in the iO series were launched later this year. The latest one I reviewed was the iO Series 5 and I handed it straight away to my wife after I finished reviewing it. She loves her new toothbrush and can definitely feel the difference compared to her few-years-older Oral-B toothbrush.

The iO Series 5 still has that powerful brushing performance like the premium model, but has less-fancier display. All the necessary notifications and alerts are still there though and you can save an extra $100 or more by grabbing this model instead.

Still oral health related, did you know that brushing alone is not enough no matter how good the brush and your methods are? If you hate dental flossing, you’ll be surprised to find how fun and powerful water flossing is. The machine I’m currently using is the Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 7000. It flushes out many food residue between my teeth and inside the gum pockets, keeping my gums healthy and my previous gum disease gone.

Not exactly something to monitor your health or increase your fitness level, but the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic mouse is my most favourite, wireless, ergonomic mouse to improve my health and well-being (especially for my tennis elbow and wrist). It has the right size and the handshake design improves the ergonomic of both the arm and wrist while holding the mouse and gliding it on the mouse pad. If you have a wrist pain because you are on the computer whole day, definitely grab this mouse and see the difference. It even has a crazy long battery life (1 to 2 years with just a single AA battery).

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