Blogging Guide Series

blogging guideDear bloggers,

Here is a compilation of my all blogging tips/guides series to help you out in your blogging “career”. Every blogger starts from zero. It all depends on what you do next to yourself and to your blog to make it happen.

I wrote these series based on my own experience as a blogger from zero to “not yet” a hero. I hope that you can get some insights and especially encouragement to stand the hardships during your blogging “career”.

Oh, and don’t forget to check my Blogging Tips category section as well for some individual blogging tips’ posts. As always, if my posts benefit you, I’d appreciate if you share it to other fellow bloggers.

Introduction to Blogging series

  1. Introduction to Blogging (before you even have a blog yet)
  2. Setting up your first blog
  3. Know and eliminate your blogging barriers

Want to be a great blogger series (be an animal series)

  1. Be a turtle!
  2. Be an ant!

How to reduce WordPress CPU Usage / improve WordPress’ performance

  1. General Tips
  2. Uninstall WordPress plug-ins completely
  3. Reduce WordPress database queries
  4. Install a caching plug-in for WordPress blogs (Why caching?) – W3 Total Cache plug-in is my recommendation
  5. Use CloudFlare’s free service to distribute the load | How to install CloudFlare?
  6. Compress your images without sacrificing quality
  7. When all else fails (happened to me), change your web host first before you decide to move to a dedicated hosting! Find out what happened to this blog after exchanging 60 tickets to my old web hosting support team.
  8. Reduce WordPress Post Tags

Becoming a product reviewer

  1. Why becoming a product reviewer is not as easy as you thought – Part 1
    This is before you even start asking for sponsors or writing reviews.
  2. Why becoming a product reviewer is not as easy as you thought – Part 2
    Internal problems and what you need to have to be a reviewer
  3. Why becoming a product reviewer is not as easy as you thought – Part 3
    What you need to prepare before you write an email to ask for products to be reviewed
  4. Why becoming a product reviewer is not as easy as you thought – Part 4
    How to write that email where you ask for products to be reviewed

Entrecard Guide

These are some guides to Entrecard, a much more than a blogging community. At the moment, I’ve just put up the most basic guide here. More will be added in the future.

  1. Entrecard Basics #1 : Introduction
    A must read if you want to know what Entrecard is all about or if you are not familiar with the Entrecard system.
  2. Entrecard Basics #2 : Be noticeable (How to be popular on Entrecard)
    So you’ve just joined Entrecard. What’s next? Learn about dropping and how to get known on Entrecard!

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