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You may not own a Samsung GALAXY phone with gesture and motion controls, but you can still do gesture controlled actions on an iPhone, thanks to a Swedish company called Crunchfish. The team makes it possible for you to use gestures to control your iPhone’s camera through a free app called GoCam. Apart from the coolness factor, it is also practical. It reduces shakiness by intuitively open up a new way of interaction.

With GoCam, it is now possible to have touchless interactions to your phone’s camera. And the interactions don’t just stop at taking pictures.

With a simple gesture, you can also easily share a snap (a photo of your delicious order in a restaurant or a selfie in front of a cool background) to those around you in a fun and cool way. GoCam’s cool features bring out social interactions to parties, landmarks, events, or pretty much anywhere. Only those who are on GoCam in the vicinity will get the pictures you share. This also means that you can get GoCam shared pictures from those around you (Location Services must be turned on).


You can tweak these settings in the app so you don’t have to share your snaps, for example. This is pretty useful if you like the touchless interaction for a selfie but don’t want to share your photos to strangers.

I tried GoCam earlier and I really like the intuitiveness. Gestures were recognised quickly and accurately, giving me some seconds to pose before the picture was taken after a gesture command. This app will certainly come in handy and I’m keeping it on my iPhone.

While there may be plenty of apps out there that tackle photography and social interactions, GoCam dares to be different. GoCam is available only on iPhones running iOS 8 at the moment. It’s a free app and can be downloaded at the App Store now.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine

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