March 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

blog traffic statistics

This blog’s March 2009 statistics: 35,905 visits, 52,186 pageviews.

  • Referring Sites – 13,171 visits
  • Search Engines – 19,746 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 2,978 visits
  • Other – 10 visits

Total money made online in March 2009: $140.69

Referring Sites Breakdown

referring sites breakdown march 2009

Money made online in March 2009

  • Google AdSense – $121.07
  • BuzzLogic: $15.97
  • ASE AdNet: $3.65
  • Private Advertising (+$140 supposedly, but the agent hasn’t paid & responded my emails yet :( )

March 2009 Posts Highlights

I’m very happy with the increase of search engines traffic last month (which resulted in a significant increase to my Google AdSense income as well).

My impression on the NOD32 antivirus was also published on the Consumer Search website. Although I’ve never heard of the site before, it actually has a PageRank of 7 and Alexa Rank of 4,319 so it seems like a very credible site to me! I discovered this when I was looking at my Google Analytics stats one day and noticed a few traffic coming from The site sent me a total of 108 visitors last month.

Blog Awards + Cash ContestI also nominated this blog as the Best Technology Blog on the BlogNet Awards site. If you have an account there and love this blog, I’d appreciate a vote from you (only if you think this blog is worth to be the best technology blog) :)

As always, feel free to post your earning and traffic statistics on the comment section.

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