Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising Review


UPDATE: Go to my other post if you are looking for the Red Alert 3 girls.

More single player missions, more units, and more *ahem* hot chicks thrown in, and you’ll get the first Red Alert 3 expansion, Uprising (there may be other expansions in the future, who knows).

Red Alert 3 Uprising focuses solely for an offline single player experience and therefore, not really worth to buy if you are looking into an online multiplayer experience. And if you are really tight on budget, you should save the money and spend it for other new games because you can basically finish Red Alert 3 Uprising on the whole weekend.

Red Alert 3 Uprising Campaign

Red Alert 3 Uprising Review
4 new mini campaigns to satisfy your hunger

The campaign storyline continues from the original Red Alert 3 so if you haven’t played it yet, I recommend you to purchase and play the original Red Alert 3 first. However, you don’t need to own the original Red Alert 3 in order to play Red Alert 3 Uprising. Red Alert 3 Uprising is a completely stand alone expansion.

Just like the original, you will be playing missions for the Allies, Sovyet, and also the Empire of the Rising Sun (Japanese). There are only a few missions per campaign, so on the Easy mode, you can probably finish the whole game during the weekend. The campaign missions are as interesting as before and the new units will definitely give you the enjoyment and fun just as the original did.

Red Alert 3 Uprising Review
The ladies are back!

The missions also have some variety this time. Instead of simply building massive units (along with your co-commander), sometimes you’ll be given only a handful units to fulfill the duties. I like this kind of RTS (where you need to outsmart the enemies and not outnumber them). But this may turn off some RTS gamers too. So it’s a give and take.

There is an additional campaign of Yuriko Omega, the psychic schoolgirl commando of the Empire forces. The Yuriko’s campaign, however, is not a traditional build-and-conquer style. It’s more like a hero RPG kind of style. You control Yuriko and Yuriko herself throughout the missions. You use the keyboard shortcuts to use her abilities (which are upgradeable).

Red Alert 3 New Units

There are a few new units in Red Alert 3 Uprising and you’ll be introduced to these units throughout the campaign, just as before. The new units are quite cool and fun to play. Some are a bit too powerful though, for example the new Allied Harbinger gunship and the Empire’s Giga Fortress.

Red Alert 3 Uprising Review
Some units are quite over-powered

However, since there are no multiplayer elements, I guess there won’t be any unbalanced issues here, will it?


This review is quite short, since Red Alert 3 Uprising is merely an expansion of the original Red Alert 3 (my Red Alert 3 Review). It adds new missions to the campaign but they are only a few and fairly short. If you just can’t get enough of Red Alert 3, then by all means get this expansion. The story continues after the original and if you love the story so much, you’ll probably be interested to follow the events aftermath.

Red Alert 3 Uprising Review

Or if you miss the ladies, most of them are back in Red Alert 3 Uprising, such as Dasha Fedorovich, Eva McKenna, and an additional cast by Holly Valance (as the newscaster for the Yuriko Omega campaign).

However, just remember that there will be no multiplayer here. So if you are looking for some challenge online, don’t waste your money and probably just rent Red Alert 3 Uprising instead.

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