OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite Review – Big Things Come in a Tiny Package

The Tiny 2 Lite is a compact 4K webcam with a sleek design and sophisticated software that lets you tweak almost everything: gesture controls, beautification, zoom levels, camera angles, and more.

Apart from advanced 4K imaging, the webcam features auto-tracking with auto-zoom, dual-omnidirectional microphones, Gesture Control 2.0, and multiple shooting modes (Landscape, Portrait, Upside-Down). Even without all these advanced features, the webcam delivers great image quality and has accompanied me through several weeks of daily Zoom meetings and standups.



What makes the image quality special? The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite boasts a large 1/2” CMOS sensor capable of capturing a lot of detail even in poor lighting conditions. I tested the camera in my bedroom with both the blinds/curtains opened and closed (with my 27″ monitor on). While I look better with natural lighting, the Tiny 2 Lite still handles low-light environments impressively and my face still has a lot of detail.

It can capture in UHD 4K resolution HDR, though the frame rate is limited to 30fps. There’s also a 1080p option at 60fps (and 30fps) for smoother motion at a nice, sharp resolution.

The camera has enhanced auto-tracking with auto-zoom using powerful AI. The “AI Human Tracking” can be set to Standard, Motion, Normal Tracking, Upper-Body, and Close-up. Tracking is enabled by default, and my work colleagues had a bit of fun commenting on my camera following me. I was a bit concerned as my wife occasionally appeared in the background, but the AI smartly focused on me as the primary subject closer to the camera.

This dynamic tracking is great for tutorials or streaming videos, such as cooking classes. Place the camera on the kitchen bench, and it will follow you between different stations, ensuring your viewers don’t miss a thing. For TikTok sellers, it can track you as you move between a table and a wardrobe. It’s pretty cool.

The compact camera also supports hand tracking and body part tracking, which is quite advanced. The focusing is fast and much better compared to some other webcams that take seconds to adjust.

With all these advanced AI features, the Tiny 2 Lite is designed for more than just video conferencing, though it’s perfectly suitable for that purpose too.

The AI also recognises hand gestures, but I’d suggest turning this off when you first plug in the camera. I didn’t realize it was on by default, and the camera zoomed in when I accidentally made a gesture. I didn’t know how to zoom out during the meeting. However, it’s a great feature when you need to highlight something on your desk or show your audience something in your hands.

I was pleasantly surprised by the built-in microphones. Equipped with dual-omnidirectional microphones featuring adjustable noise cancellation and human voice augmentation technology, the audio quality was comparable to my powerful SteelSeries Alias Pro desktop microphone. My work colleagues didn’t notice any difference when I switched to the Tiny 2 Lite’s microphone. The audio is definitely better compared to using my built-in Dell XPS 13 laptop’s microphone and also comes with customisable features like noise reduction and automatic gain control.

For privacy-conscious users, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite automatically goes to sleep when not in use (customisable settings). You can even set a Sleep Background, which is great for streamers to avoid leaking. In Sleep mode, the camera lens points down, eliminating the need for a manual privacy cover or shutter.

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite can be placed almost anywhere. I’ve tested it on both my Dell XPS 13″ laptop screen and my HyperX Armada 27 Gaming Monitor. Thanks to the AI auto-tracking, you can place it at an odd angle, and the AI will smartly track you optimally. You can also manually adjust this from the OBSBOT Center.


In conclusion, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite is an impressive 4K webcam that stands out with its advanced AI features, exceptional image quality, and versatile functionality. The large 1/2” CMOS sensor ensures clear and detailed images, even in low-light conditions, making it suitable for a variety of settings. The AI-powered auto-tracking and auto-zoom capabilities add a dynamic touch, perfect for professional presentations, online tutorials, or casual streaming.

The built-in dual-omnidirectional microphones with noise cancellation and human voice augmentation technology ensure clear audio, making it a reliable option for video conferencing as well.

With its sleek design and easy portability, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite can be used in various environments, from home offices to creative studios. The customisable privacy settings offer peace of mind for users concerned about their online security.

Tiny 2 Lite supports the OSC protocol, Stream Deck, and SDK, providing flexibility for users to use the camera for anything. A custom plugin makes Tiny 2 Lite compatible
with Stream Deck+, allowing direct control through dials and seamless integration with other live streaming setups.

Overall, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite is a versatile and powerful webcam that caters to both casual users and professionals, delivering high-quality performance in a compact package. It’s the lighter-version of the OBSBOT Tiny 2 4K that I reviewed last year.

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite is available now on obsbot.com and major retailers worldwide. Pricing starts at $179 USD in the US, with regional variations. Visit the official website for more information on availability in your region.

Disclosure: OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite review sample was supplied for reviewing

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite Review


The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite is a versatile and powerful 4K webcam that excels in image quality, AI-powered features, and user-friendly design, making it ideal for both professional and casual use

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