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The OBSBOT Tail Air, an AI-driven streaming camera, builds upon the legacy of its predecessor, the original OBSBOT Tail, which made its debut in 2019. While the original OBSBOT Tail catered to vloggers seeking a camera that would autonomously track and follow them during their journeys, the new OBSBOT Tail Air has been purposefully crafted with additional features and a primary focus on live streaming. 

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The packaging comes with: 

  • OBSBOT Tail Air camera
  • Storage Case
  • USB-C Cable
  • USB-C Male to Dual USB-C Female Splitter 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • USB-C Ethernet Adapter
  • Smart Remote Controller


The design of the OBSBOT Tail Air combines sleek simplicity, a favoured choice among users in the realm of technology and camera. This design not only elevates the camera’s visual appeal but also makes it exceptionally user-friendly. Such a design approach not only enhances the camera’s visual appeal but also offers practicality and flexibility. 

After carrying around this camera for some time, I really noticed how light and compact this device is. Having a small streaming camera that can deliver 4k and 1080p resolution is mind-blowing. The OBSBOT Tail Air is really the ideal device for those who need to capture high-quality video content while staying mobile and adaptable to different environments. 

Furthermore, despite its compact size, the OBSBOT Tail Air is packed with all the essentials for high-quality streaming. It boasts an integrated CPU that handles AI calculations, gesture recognition and precise tracking. Additionally, it features a built-in microphone for capturing clear audio, and its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity option effortlessly links to your mobile device by downloading the OBSBOT Start APP (Note that the app is currently only available in Google Play, but it will soon also be compatible with iOS devices). While the app may require some initial adjustments and experimentations to fully grasp the functions, it’s a minor learning curve. However, once you familiarise yourself with it, the OBSBOT Tail Air’s all-in-one package ensures that you have everything you need for a top-notch streaming experience. 

Looking into the features of this camera, the OBSBOT Tail Air is a versatile and innovative tool for content creators, live streamers and individuals looking to improve the quality of their videos. With its AI-powered capabilities to autonomously track and follow subjects, it can indeed simplify the process of capturing high-quality footage for various types of content, including vlogs, live streams, interviews and more. 

Having a camera that can follow you around without the need for a dedicated cameraperson really enhances the production value of your videos. It can make your content more dynamic and engaging, allowing you to focus on your performance or presentation while the camera takes care of capturing the visuals. The OBSBOT Tail Air can definitely be a more cost-effective and time-saving option in streamlining the production process. 

The AI capabilities of this camera open up exciting possibilities for creating dynamic and captivating content, particularly in hands-on video scenarios like cooking, dancing, or casual walking videos. With its AI features, the OBSBOT Tail Air camera can proficiently track hand movements, focus on objects, maintain stability during high-speed movement, and capture long-range shots, all while performing exceptionally well in both well-lit and lower-light settings. These capabilities can empower content creators to produce more engaging and versatile videos that cater to a wide range of interests and activities. 

Moreover, to make things easier, the OBSBOT Tail Air offers an intuitive gesture mode. With this feature, the camera can seamlessly activate specific settings like locking onto a target, zooming in or out, and starting or stopping recording with a simple wave or gesture of your hand. This hands-free control adds a layer of convenience and interactivity, making it even more user-friendly for content creators.

The OBSBOT Tail Air also boast an impressive battery life, offering approximately 154 minutes of recording time on a single charge. However, it’s worth noting that recharging the camera may take a bit of time, usually around 90 minutes. This extended recording time is beneficial for uninterrupted filming sessions, just don’t forget to plan for a short downtime while the camera recharges. 

All in all, the OBSBOT Tail Air proves to be a game-changing solution for content creators and live streamers, offering a versatile and innovative tool to improve the quality of your videos and streams in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned streamer looking to add more fun to your content, I would definitely recommend trying out this camera! It’s available now through Indiegogo.

Disclosure: OBSBOT Tail Air review sample was supplied for reviewing

OBSBOT Tail Air Review


The OBSBOT Tail Air is a versatile, AI-driven streaming camera packed with features like autonomous tracking, gesture recognition, and impressive battery life, making it an ideal tool for content creators and live streamers seeking high-quality, dynamic video capture.

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