Logitech Releases Most Advanced Webcam for Creators and Professionals

Logitech has released the MX Brio, a high-end webcam designed for professionals and creative users who require exceptional video quality for presentations, streaming, and collaboration.

The MX Brio boasts a 4K resolution sensor with 70% larger pixels compared to its predecessor, the Brio 4K. This translates to sharper images with finer details. Additionally, AI-powered features automatically adjust lighting and enhance your image, particularly in low-light conditions. According to DXOMARK lab tests, the MX Brio delivers 2x better face visibility and 2x finer image details compared to the Brio 4K in challenging lighting environments.

MX Brio caters to users who prefer to have control over their on-screen appearance. Through software like Logi Options+ and Logi Tune, users can adjust various settings such as exposure, colour balance, vibrancy, and field of view to personalise their video experience.

The MX Brio features a unique Show Mode that allows users to easily share physical objects on their desks during video calls. Simply tilting the webcam downwards puts the object in focus, making it ideal for product demonstrations or crafting tutorials.

Dual beamforming microphones actively reduce background noise, ensuring clear audio during calls and conferences. For added security, the MX Brio integrates a privacy shutter that gives users complete control over when they’re visible on camera.

Logitech prioritises sustainability in its products. The MX Brio is certified carbon neutral and utilises post-consumer recycled plastic in its construction. The paper packaging also comes from FSC-certified forests, demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Logitech MX Brio Pricing and Availability

Logitech MX Brio is available in Graphite and Pale Grey colour options and is expected to be available in March 2024 for a recommended retail price of $329.95 (AUD) on Logitech’s website and select retailers.

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