Wake up to a smarter morning with Amazon’s new Echo Spot

Amazon’s latest Alexa-enabled gadget, the Echo Spot, is set to revolutionise your bedside table. This nifty smart alarm clock, now available in Australia, boasts a compact, colourful display that’s perfect for checking the time, weather, or your favourite tunes at a glance.

Priced at $149 AUD, the Echo Spot comes in three sleek colours: Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue. It’s more than just a pretty face, though – this clever device packs a punch with its customisable features and vibrant sound.

Patrick Walker, country manager for Amazon Devices in Australia and New Zealand, reckons the Echo Spot will “transform the way [customers] start and end their day”. With its personalised designs and new alarm sounds, it’s hard to disagree.

Fancy waking up to soft jazz or one of four exclusive alarm tones? Just ask Alexa. The Echo Spot’s 1.73″ front-firing speaker ensures you’ll hear every note crystal clear. Plus, with its customisable clock faces and six colourways, it’ll fit right in with your bedroom decor.

But the Echo Spot isn’t just about looks and sounds. It’s a proper smart home hub, allowing you to control compatible devices and set up Alexa Routines. Imagine gently waking to your favourite tunes as your smart lights gradually brighten – that’s the future of mornings.

Privacy concerns? No worries. The Echo Spot comes with multiple privacy controls, including a microphone on/off button. You can learn more about Alexa’s privacy features at the Alexa Privacy Hub.

The Amazon Echo Spot is available now on Amazon Australia, JB HI-FI, and other leading Australian retailers. It might just be the bedside companion you never knew you needed.

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