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google-adsenseDear bloggers, Google recently launched an interest-based type of advertising that allows advertisers to show ads based on visitors’ interactions in the past. If you have Google AdSense ads in your blog, then you need to update your privacy policy to include this new information.  If you’ve never had any privacy policy whatsoever on your blog, then you should as it’s a requirement from Google!

For more information about this new interest-based type of advertising, please visit the official Google AdSense Blog.

You are supposed to update your Privacy Policy page by 8th April 2009 or else…. (well Google didn’t say a thing but unless if you want to upset the Big G, then I’d suggest you to do it). Refer to the guidelines on Google Advertising Cookie and Privacy Policies to find out what information that you need to include in your Privacy Policy.

Private policy updated
Private policy updated

Or feel free to use my Privacy Policy if you are feeling lazy and just change my blog to yours. I was using an automated policy script some months ago to create that page. I’ve already updated the policy with Google’s recommendation. However, I don’t want to be hold responsible if my policy is incomplete. Use it at your own risk!

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