Google Messages Begins to Test Editing Feature of RCS Messages

Google Messages is taking a significant stride forward with its latest beta feature “message editing” This add-on allows users to correct typos, clarify the context of messages, or retract emotionally-driven texts immediately after sending, for up to 15 minutes.

Google Messages Finally Lets You Edit Sent Texts (For Now)

Here’s how it works: After sending a text, app users can long-press on a message to see the “Edit” button pop up. By clicking on this option, the message is returned to the text field, thus allowing users to make the necessary adjustments. But the necessary transparency here is viewing the original message by tapping on the overflow menu and then “View details”.

Currently, this feature remains in testing as the beta version is accessible to selected Google Messages users with Android devices. Although there is no official announcement about its wider release, its presence in the beta phase means that its future rollout for all users is possible.

For users, this modification implies more freedom and comfort in sending messages. Eventually, it will be hard to tell if a human or a machine is communicating, as neither will make silly mistakes like typos or inadequately written sentences.

In addition to the simple convenience, this update demonstrates Google’s dedication to making Messages a more competitive messaging platform. However, with the inclusion of RCS messaging and a new edit option, Google is creating a suitable alternative for other messaging platforms.

Wait for new information about the full rollout of message editing. While the main users are still testing the new feature, beta users can start testing it now and get a head start.

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