There’s a Catch to Google’s AI Magic Editor, which is Available for Free on all Devices

In addition to making its sophisticated editing tools, such as the critically acclaimed Magic Editor, widely available to the general public, Googe Photos will probably change the outlook on photo editing for millions of people. Initially, users of Google Pixel 8 series smartphones were the only ones who had access to the Magic Editor, but now the feature will be more extensible on the 15th of May, across Android, iOS, and ChromeOS platforms.

Google Photos Makes Advanced Editing Tools Accessible to All Users, but There’s a Limitation

This is a major change as the update provides mobile users with the same suite of premium quality editing tools, regardless of what smartphone brand or model they use. The Magic Eraser, the Photo Unblur, and the Portrait Light are only a few of the AI-powered editing tools, that now everyone can use for free.

However, before they’re willing to cheer up their newfound video editing capabilities, they should consider the following. The normal camera users have a limitation, as they will be allowed to save only 10 Magic Editor edits every month. People who want only the unlimited editing features have to choose a Google One plan with at least 2TB of storage.

Google’s action seems to be similar to a free trial in which the user gets to explore the capabilities of the Magic Editor as well as its supporting tools and it aims to subsequently retain the users in a subscription model. 10-edit limit attracts users to try and pay attention to the available functionality of the package on a paid basis by arousing their passionate interest.

Luckily, the other AI-powered features are not the same in terms of modification done using Magic Editor. Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light are all free for consumers’ use, which gives them unlimited possibilities for image editing.

Since edits get erased each month, a user gets a chance to work with the new set of edits all the time and be sure not to miss any features of the platform. As a result, Google’s self-conscious move allows users to be in touch with their images and might result in subscriptions to their news.

This major milestone of Google Photos is the availability of AI-powered advanced editing tools which make these features inclusive and accessible to a wider audience than before.

Despite the editing constraint of the project, this project fulfills the requirements of both novice and professional photographers, eliminating the need for either expensive subscriptions or elaborate equipment.

The lure of a Google One subscription, which is downright freeing when it comes to the editing realm, could be a last straw for users as they dive into the creative potential of these tools. Along with Google’s initiation that overhauls the photo editing industry, it also sets up the creation of new standards of innovation and accessibility in the digital space.

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