iTunes 8.1 released to support the 3rd generation of iPod Shuffle release

iTunes 8.1 for the new iPod Shuffle 3rd generationNot long ago, Apple released the new 3rd generation of iPod Shuffle. To support its features and whistles, you need to update your iTunes to 8.1.

However, even if you don’t have the new iPod Shuffle, it’s still worth updating your iTunes version.

itunes 8.1 changelog

iTunes 8.1 Changelog (source: iLounge):

  • Faster and more responsive, with noticeable improvements when working with large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store, preparing to sync with iPod or iPhone, and optimizing photos for syncing.
  • Supports syncing with iPod shuffle (3rd generation)
  • Allows friends to request songs for iTunes DJ
  • Adds Genius sidebar for your Movies and TV Shows
  • Improves performance when downloading iTunes Plus songs
  • Provides AutoFill for manually managed iPods
  • Allows CDs to be imported at the same sound quality as iTunes Plus
  • Includes many accessibility improvements
  • Allows iTunes U and the iTunes Store to be disabled separately using Parental Controls.

Download iTunes 8.1

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