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A newer and smaller iPod Shuffle has just entered the market. With a size of 1.8 x 0.7 x 0.3 (inch), this is definitely the smallest mp3 player in the market at the moment. This new design gets a 4 GB memory, almost double than the previous generation of iPod Shuffle and has a price tag of US $80.

Its size can be this small because Apple has decided to throw away LCD screens and also buttons on the body of the iPod. If you want to find out the currently playing music information, this is where “The first music player that talks to you” comes into play.

ipod-shuffle-controlThe iPod can “talk” (called the VoiceOver feature) and notify you about the artist, title, or even the playlist that it’s currently playing.

Of course, it doesn’t tell you on every single song change, that’d be annoying. It only happens if you press a specific button.  Wait. I thought I told you that there are no buttons on the iPod’s body? Yup. The buttons this time are located on the right earbud cord.

The buttons are used both for navigating your music and also for activating the VoiceOver feature.

Since there is practically no screen (like the previous generation of iPod Shuffle), this feature comes in handy. You just have to make sure through iTunes that your songs are tagged correctly and accurately.

Check out Apple’s new iPod Shuffle for more screenshots and features explained.

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