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There are lots of ways to make money, but not everything works on your blog/site. If you notice my sidebar, I’m trying out Nuffnang, an apparently quite popular Asia Pacific’s blog advertising community. Unfortunately you can only sign up if you reside in either Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, or Philippines at this stage.

Nuffnang serves advertisement from big companies such as Citibank, Sony, Nokia, and much more. The advertisements are mainly CPM & CPC based which is fine by me. I mean, putting a tag on your template, sit back, and grab the free money while people visit my blog? That sounds good enough.

You can view your blog statistics (as if we don’t have enough statistics service) and also earnings through its dashboard once you log-in:

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As you can see, I’m still earning $0 because there are no campaigns at the moment served on my blog. I’m sure it will still take some time for them to fully serve great ads non-stop on my blog. They have been extremely busy going through a re-launch of their Australian website at the moment. As part of the launch, they are also running a promotion called Nuffnang Challenge 1000 from 12th August 2009 – 11 September 2009. The challenge is mainly for Australian bloggers like me who have joined Nuffnang to refer other Australian bloggers to sign up. It’s named Challenge 1000 because they already have around 800 bloggers on their network and they have a dream to make it 1000.

Unfortunately I haven’t had any great money making stories with Nuffnang just yet as I’ve just joined them. So the only thing that can persuade you to join Nuffnang now is that you will receive a thank you pack (it’s a mystery what’s inside though) if you sign up during the 1 month promotion. I guess it doesn’t hurt to sign up to get the welcome pack and give Nuffnang a try now. You can always opt-out if you are not happy heh heh.

So Australian bloggers, join Nuffnang now (and I’d appreciate it if you put when you register on the “Referred by URL” field :))

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