Move away, Bing! Here comes Google Caffeine!

google caffeine - new search engine

As expected, there is no way Google will sit idle and let people moving away to Microsoft’s Bing search engine. For the last several months, a secret large team in Google has already been working on a secret project codenamed Caffeine: a next generation architecture for Google’s web search. Well actually, according to Matt Cutt’s blog post:

Q: Is this Caffeine Update because of Company X or Y is doing Z?
A: Nope. I love competition in search and want lots of it, but this change has been in the works for months. I think the best way for Google to do well in search is to continue what we’ve done for the last decade or so: focus relentlessly on pushing our search quality forward. Nobody cares more about search than Google, and I don’t think we’ll ever stop trying to improve.

So I guess this project has been on before Bing was even born. Anyway, the first step will push mainly on the indexing speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of the Google search result algorithm. You’ll probably won’t notice any interface difference but it’s the underlying algorithm that’s been secretly “tweaked” by the team to provide better and more accurate results. According to Google Webmaster Central blog post, web developers and power searchers might notice a few difference and encouraged to give feedback.

I’m not sure what they did, but a few of my posts came on the first result :)

Here is an example:

Keywords: “ipod nano chromatic review”
Current (second rank):

Second rank in Google search result

Google Caffeine (1st rank!):

First rank in Google search result

Here is another example:

Keywords: “windows 7 sleep”
Current Google (third rank):

Third rank in Windows 7 Sleep

Google Caffeine (First, again!):

First rank in Google search result for Windows 7 sleep

Again, I’m not sure what they do, but please oh Google, release this quickly :D

If you want to start using Google Caffeine, use this Google link:

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