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Swann Tracker Security Camera Review

Swann Tracker Security Camera Review – Swann’s Tracker Security Camera is a simple to use, Wi-Fi indoor security camera with local storage option so you can keep it running and record every movement with ease.

It has a 1080p video recording quality with 180 degrees viewing angle that can capture quite a lot in a scene. But what makes the camera unique is its auto tracking and zooming camera view in the app.

The first view is the camera’s main view captured from the lens, and the app will also show a smaller second view, which zooms in the action. Note that this doesn’t mean that the camera will move itself to track moving objects, but instead having a software/digital track & zoom that highlights the moving objects on the frame.

It means that unlike having a second, dedicated optical lens, the frame will be a bit pixelated but this feature makes it easy to quickly see into the action and focus on what is most important. You can turn this off too if you want and just have a single, standard view on the app.

The auto tracking is quite responsive and on point when I tested, as the little extra frame followed me around as I walked around the room.

Thanks to the wide viewing angle, you can use the camera to monitor a rather large area like a warehouse, or stick it in the corner to cover the entire shop.

The packaging includes mounting installation so you can mount the camera on the wall or ceiling if you wish, but note that the camera needs to be plugged to a power socket. Its head can be adjusted vertically and there’s also an option to reverse the view if you are installing it up high.

Swann Tracker Security Camera also supports night vision (up to 10 meters), 2-way audio (so you can hear what’s going on and talk through the built-in microphone), and a siren.

A 32GB microSD is included, which is great. All motion recordings will be stored inside the microSD locally. There is no cloud recording supported for this camera though, so if you want a more serious security camera for the insurance, you might want to have a look at their Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera that supports cloud recording (but has smaller 110 degrees camera view).

You don’t actually get the “zoom and track” second view on the actual recording file, but there is a grabbed frame when it happens.

Here is an example of a clip taken from the microSD card:

and here’s the grabbed still:

Swann Tracker Security Camera works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can use your voice to stream the camera live view straight on smart displays like Google Nest Hub, Amazon Echo Show 8, or Amazon Echo Show 5.

Swann Tracker Security Camera Review Conclusion

Swann’s new Tracker Security Camera may not have the bells and whistles like D-Link’s pan and tilt camera, or Swann’s Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera with cloud recording, but it offers a simple and straightforward installation for monitoring and tracking what’s most important to you. It’s great to monitor your pet, baby, or your house when you are not around.

You can just open the box, set it up, and have it running within minutes as the packaging also includes a 32GB microSD camera for the local recording.

The lack of cloud recording means you can’t really use it for insurance purpose though because a burglar might destroy the evidence or take the microSD with them. But if you don’t need cloud recording, you’re all set with this camera.

Swann Tracker Security Camera retails for A$149.95 and available now for purchase.

Disclosure: Review sample was supplied for reviewing

Swann Tracker Security Camera Review


  • Easy to setup
  • 1080p video recording quality
  • Auto tracking feature works great 
  • Night vision, 2-way talk, siren
  • Google Assistant & Alexa support


  • The track & zoom bit is not available on the recorded clip
  • Lens quality is so so
  • App is a bit slow to use

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