BlueAnt Soundblade Review – Big Sound, Unique Design

A sound bar for the PC is nothing new and we’ve seen (+reviewed) quite a few from various gaming and non-gaming brands like the Razer Leviathan or Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2. However, I’ve never seen anything like the BlueAnt Soundblade.

At its core, the Soundblade is still a sound bar, designed specifically for the desktop. Unlike a traditional sound bar who sits in front of the monitor however, the Soundblade is designed to be sitting directly under your monitor. This actually saves a lot of space more than you know it. Plus, the flat surface design on the top also makes it easy to put stuff on top of it – like an extension of your table.

Blueant Soundblade Review – Packaging Contents

Blueant Soundblade Review – Design and Features

The Soundblade is unique in its shape but again, it saves space and you’ll appreciate the sleek and low-profile form factor if you have a small desk. So the sound bar itself is not compact in a sense, but the fact that it can be placed very close to the monitor makes it great.

This obviously depends on your monitor stand design because there are times where it might be hard to make it sit side-by-side with the monitor. And what about if you already have your monitor sitting on a monitor arm? You can definitely still appreciate the Soundblade design because you can put your stuff on the top of the body.

For example, I tend to have two sets of keyboard and mouse for working and gaming so I place the ones I don’t currently use on top of the Soundblade. It’s a perfect spot for them.

BlueAnt Soundblade supports various connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth (5.3), and even a 3.5mm auxiliary input if you have older devices. Both USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C cables are included in the packaging to support various devices. To switch between the inputs and adjust the volume of the sound bar, there are soft buttons on the side of the body.

There is also a remote control included but to be honest, I’ve never found the need to use it though it offers more settings to select like the EQ Presets between Game, Music, and Movie.

BlueAnt Soundblade has a power output of 120 watts peak power with a built-in 80mm Neodymium subwoofer and 2 x Full range dual voice coil, dual Neodymium magnet drivers to deliver big, great sound. I find that the Soundblade can be really loud and for most cases, even the softest volume step is loud enough for a small room when you game in the middle of the night and everyone else is sleeping.

But if you want to set it loud, you ca,n and the sound bar can deliver that without a hitch. The subwoofer is located at the bottom of the sound bar, which makes sense, as the thump will go on to the desk and produce that awesome bass. Listening to songs with a good bass feels rewarding with the Soundblade and if you compare it to your monitor’s speakers, it’s like night and day.

For gaming, sure, you can’t beat the audio separation and positioning coming with a good gaming headset, but the Soundblade is good enough. In Helldivers 2, you’ll appreciate all the sound coming from all angles during the heat of a battle and you can also feel the explosion decently.

Blueant Soundblade Review Conclusion

BlueAnt Soundblade-Review

BlueAnt Soundblade is a desktop sound bar with unique design that saves space on your desk as it can sit really close under the monitor. With a flat design on top, you can also put stuff on it like collectibles or unused peripherals like a gaming headset.

It has big sound and can get really loud if you turn the volume up even just a bit. It also offers various connectivity that supports various modern and traditional devices at the same time.

It’s a great, all-around soundbar to upgrade your sound from a monitor’s speaker or small desktop speakers. You’ll definitely appreciate the sound upgrade.

Blueant Soundblade retails for A$299 and is available now in Australia.

Disclosure: BlueAnt Soundblade review sample was supplied for reviewing

BlueAnt Soundblade Review


A great, desktop sound bar with unique design to save space and comes with big sound


  • Unique design to save space
  • Delivers big and clear sound
  • Various connectivity


  • Volume steps are too steep, would love softer volume levels available
  • Design might not make much sense if your monitor is already sitting on a monitor arm
  • Audio feedback is useful but quite loud if you are sharing the room with someone else and switching between different connections often
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