BlueAnt Introduces Soundblade: Revolutionising Desktop Audio at CES 2024

BlueAnt unveils the Soundblade, an under-monitor soundbar designed to redefine desktop audio experiences. Developed by Australian audio engineers, it seamlessly combines advanced 4k visuals with thundering audio, bridging the gap between monitor speakers and visual displays.

Desktop Audio Powerhouse
With 120W peak power, the Soundblade delivers immersive audio, deep bass, and crystal-clear dialogue, transforming the desktop into a cinematic sound stage.

Innovative Acoustic Engineering
Unique design features, including an 80mm neodymium subwoofer, dual neodymium drivers, and racetrack drivers, ensure unparalleled sound clarity and precision.

Cinematic Experiences and Enhanced Gaming
Ideal for streaming and gaming, the Soundblade heightens realism and auditory detail, offering an unparalleled level of immersion.

AI-Driven Content Creation
Positioned for the AI era, the Soundblade complements intricate soundscapes and nuanced audio details found in AI-generated content.

Award-Winning Design
The sleek, low-profile design seamlessly integrates under monitors, blending functionality with aesthetics.

Multiple Connection Options
Versatile connectivity options, including auto-switching USB-C, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input, ensure compatibility with various devices.

The Soundblade will retail for AU$299.99 and available from select Telstra stores and online from January 18, 2024.

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