Monetize your empty 125×125 ad slots!

ViralBlogAds - Make money with 125x125 banner image ads

If you are trying to earn some money from your blog via the 125×125 sponsor ads, you may find that your 125×125 slots are not always “full”. Some time you may only get 1 or 2 private advertisers for your blog, even though you are assigning 6 slots for the 125×125 banners.

So what do you usually do with the empty slots?

  • Leave it blank?
  • Put a 125×125 “Advertise here” banner?
  • Put Performancing Ads banners? (which doesn’t pay you anything but you are in fact helping them to make money through their banners)

There is a newer & better option now: to put a 125×125 banner from ViralBlogAds and when someone clicks on the banner, you will get paid (just like Google’s AdSense, but this is for a 125×125 image ad)!

Consider reading this post to find out more about ViralBlogAds if you don’t like having empty 125×125 ad slots on your blog!

ViralBlogAds is in Pre-Launch stage so you’d better hurry up and register. Being the first allows you:

  • To gain early exposure on the system (because not many people are in it yet)
  • To be eligible in their pre-launch contest (prizes are to be announced)
  • To be the first in getting affiliates (you’ll get 15% out of your affiliates commission for life!)
  • To start making money by filling your empty 125×125 slots with something else better

Putting the banner ads is very easy. You just choose the rows and columns on the ad code generator, copy-paste the given code, and that’s it.

ViralBlogAds - Make money with 125x125 banner image ads

The best way to use ViralBlogAds is this:

  • Let’s say you have assigned 6 slots of 125×125 banners for your advertisers.
  • You should monetize 5 of them immediately with ViralBlogAds by displaying the banners. If someone clicks on one of the banner, you’ll get some pennies.
  • Put your “Advertise here” banner on the last slot. This way, you are giving a chance for a real private advertiser to contact you and put their banner on the slot. The other 5 slots are not there to just give you money through the clicks, but also giving a good impression that your slots are popular! It will look quite unprofessional if you are displaying 6 empty slots altogether.

A win-win situation for everyone! Your blog looks more professional, you can get some money out of your empty slots, but at the same time you are also giving an empty slot a chance for direct private advertising. When someone buys that slot, repeat the process above (so you’ll have 1 private advertiser banner, 4 slots of ViralBlogAds banner, and 1 Advertise Here banner) :)

I hope you can get my point above. ViralBlogAds at the moment, is the only way to monetize your 125×125 banner slot (unless you’ve found another good program, please let me know).

Not to mention that if you are using the OIOPublisher plug-in to manage your private advertisers automatically, you can optimize it with ViralBlogAds (still under development though).

Register for ViralBLogAds now before you are left behind and start making money from your 125×125 ad slots (I was told that we’ll get 70% payout when someone clicks on a banner). I haven’t confirmed this yet, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try, does it? Oh I almost forgot that there is also the 468×60 option besides the 125×125.

See you in the program ;)

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