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free images for commercial use

Free images for commercial use – It’s so easy to get free images for personal use or for a non-profit organization. However, since my blog (and most likely yours) has advertisements everywhere, it makes it harder to find free images for commercial use, that can be used on your blog.

If you put advertisements or at least making money from your blog, your blog will then be categorized as a “COMMERCIAL” blog.

Not to worry, I’ve found some web services that are giving free images for commercial blogs.

Here are some ways to get free images for commercial use:

  1. Do an image search by Creative Commons Search Engine
    Search the images on Flickr and make sure that you tick the “Search for works I can use for commercial purposes”) – Thanks, Nadeesha.UPDATE: This doesn’t mean that you can simply use the image without properly crediting the author, though. Please read my other post on how to use Flickr image and properly crediting the author.

    Free Images for Commercial use
  2. Register, Search, and Download Free Higher Quality Images from Free Stock Photos
    The images are of high quality (up to 2500-ish pixels). You have to register though to be able to download the high quality ones.
  3. Search and download the images at Stock.xchng
    On the search results page, view the results at the bottom of the page, not the one on the top labeled “Premium results for “phone” on as you have to use credits to download them.
  4. Free Images and Textures from Image * After
  5. Free High Quality Stock Photos and Images from Free Pixels
    However, on the terms and conditions page: “Every Freepixels image or digital creation used must retain the domain name: when used on the internet, in a web page…”
    So I assume that you have to put a link back to the site whenever you use the images from Free Pixels.

Getting good images for your posts really help in attracting your readers. Well if you don’t believe me, how many bloggers out there are using hot and sexy girls pictures on their posts (even when the post has nothing to do with the chick)? <- If you are in this “category”, please raise your hand :)

Anyway, feel free to share other worthy sites (or the ones that you are using at the moment) that provides free images for commercial use here on the comment section. I’m sure there are a lot of them out there, but most of them give unworthy quality or poor clip arts.

If you usually copy-paste an image on someone else’s web site, you better stop doing that. If the image is copyrighted, then you may stumble into trouble in the future without you knowing it!

Do you know any more free images for commercial use sites?


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