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Free online antivirus scan by BitDefender


free online antivirus scanYou may be one of those who vow to never install an antivirus solution in your computer. Or perhaps you are one of those who cannot afford to pay the yearly subscription of a premium antivirus program and wonder whether your free antivirus is good enough. Then perhaps you need to scan your computer with this free online antivirus scanner by BitDefender, BitDefender QuickScan, just to double check.

The free online antivirus scan uses an iGoogle widget, Firefox add-on, Chrome extension, or a Website widget to scan your computer. If you’ve already been using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser, then you only need to install the free add-on/extension to access the free online antivirus scan.

How to get BitDefender’s free online antivirus scan to scan your computer for viruses

Firstly, pick to install one of the tools needed (I’d recommend either the Firefox add-on or Chrome’s extension):

BitDefender online scan

After you’ve installed the add-on or extension successfully, press the Start Scan button on the free online antivirus scan website. The online tool will then start scanning your computer for viruses.

free online antivirus scan

After a few seconds/minutes, you should be able to see the result of the scan:

free online antivirus scanner result

It’s simple, fast, and easy. Clicking on the View report link will give you a full report on all the files scanned by BitDefender’s free online antivirus scan, including the total number of scanned files and the time it took:

free online antivirus scan detailed report

It appears that BitDefender QuickScan does not scan all files in the computer but only specific ones that are crucial in your system. Nevertheless, for a free online antivirus scan, it’s good enough to find out whether your system has been compromised or not. There is an upcoming BitDefender Internet Security 2011 licenses giveaway soon too if you want to keep your system fully protected. So stay subscribed at Craving Tech and you’ll be the first to know.


    • Hi Priya, it’s okay because I already have one installed too. It doesn’t install anything in your computer, only scan it using the browser’s extension :)

    • No, unfortunately. But I believe no online antivirus scanner ever does. Normally you scan and then they’ll persuade you to buy the software to remove the virus, if found :)

  1. Thanks for sharing this updated news. It is new for me as I am reading very first time about any online AntiVirus. But I am alarmed that how can it scan a computer in such a short time of seconds or minute. I think we should wait for their next full version.

    • It’s very fast because it does not scan the whole computer – just memory and open files, I think. Their normal antivirus is much more thorough, but also much slower.

    • Hi nazimwarriach,
      QuickScan manages to scan so fast because it only scans for active viruses, and it uses powerfull servers to perform the scan! If you have a bot, backdoor, keylogger, a worm running stuff in the background, or an infected program running at the time of the scan, it will find it. It does that by scanning system memory, all processes and related files, and some critical areas. If you have an infected program somewhere hidden on your HardDrive, and it is not running at that moment, QuickScan will NOT detect it (not even attempt to).

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