BitDefender delivers a USB immunizer tool

USB immunizer

The BitDefender USB Immunizer is a tool that works for any USB device and immuzes it by preventing a malicious autorun.inf file (a file that gets executed once a USB device is plugged in) to be created by viruses or worms. This nullifies any threats for the viruses or worms to be executed in the machine where the USB device is plugged in.

I frequently found these threats whenever I plug a friend’s USB device into my computer. Thankfully I always have a good commercial antivirus solution installed in my machine so the autorun threat was always found and removed. Some of us may not be that lucky, though – which is why you might need to run this USB immunizer.

Some of the threats that create these dangerous autorun.inf are Trojan.AutorunInf, the Conficker worm (Win32.Worm.Downadup), Worm.Autorun.VHD and the Stuxnet worm. The USB Immunizer tool is free to download and it works by shielding your USB device from creating an autorun.inf file, removing the threat completely and pre-emptively.

The tool also allows you to toggle the Autorun feature on or off on any USB drives (Flash drives or External hard drives). This way, you’ll never receive angry statements from a friend because  your device is trying to wreak havoc to his/her computer :)

The Bitdefender USB Immunizer can be downloaded at BitDefender Labs.


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