Avira 10 Release

Avira 10Avira antivirus 10 has just been released, according to Avira’s blog. Avira antivirus is one of the free alternatives to antiviruses and it’s also quite popular due to it being very light on the system (according to some people). I heard that it has an annoying ad pop-up though although a hack could be seen on the web to disable it. I’m not using this anyway but thought the news might be useful if you are.

The new feature sounds interesting if it really works:

The new “generic repair” can better clean computers from infections. Instead of just deleting the malware file when there exists no special repair routine, Avira AntiVir now cleans the registry and the filesystem from further garbage which a virus may have left on the system. This ensures for example that a PC is still bootable when a malware has been removed.

Source: Avira Antivirus 10 release blog post

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