“Everyone is a winner!” Entrecard contest

Entrecard Contest

If you are a member of the Entrecard community, then you are free to join this contest. I’m only holding this contest only for 5 days, so you need to be quick to be able to win some good Entrecard credits! Everyone who joins in is already a winner (you can get a few hundreds EC easily). I have a pool of Entrecard credits to be given away and depends on how many participants in the contest, you might be able to win tens of thousands of credits! Here’s how:

Entrecard “Everyone is a winner” Contest Requirements

  1. Either Write about Craving Tech (min 200 words) & link to CravingTech.com – Get 350 EC
    Don’t write about the contest (you can if you want to) but I’m more interested in what you think about CravingTech.com. You don’t need to put sweet words on it as you’ll already get the 350 EC anyway. I just want some honest feedback and a backlink (dofollow) so your readers can visit my blog.
  2. AND/OR Stumble any of my article that you like with a review – Get 150 EC.
    Please find a good article that you like (if it’s hard to find, just go to my Jokes & Funny section or the Cool Stuffs, there are lots of interesting posts there) and stumble it. If you don’t like what you read, please don’t stumble it just for the sake of getting the credits.
  3. Post the link to your post (number 1) and/or tell me which article you stumbled (with your stumbleupon username so I can validate it), and write your entrecard profile URL on the comment section.

If you don’t have a stumbleupon account, just do number 1. If you don’t want to do number 1, you can just do number 2. So you can still participate in the contest!

More on the prizes:

  • You do number 1 and 2, you already get 500 EC right away. I’ll transfer the credits to you right away.
  • The prize pool is initially 10,000 EC. But for every participant who joins the contest, I’ll add 1,000 EC to the prize pool. There is a limit of 50,000 EC as the total pool (this will save me from going “broke” :D).
  • In 5 days time when the contest is over, I’ll distribute the total prize pool to the winners!
    First prize gets the 50% of the EC leftovers, second prize gets 35%, and the last gets the 15%.
  • Winners are picked by random.

So the more you ask your Entrecard friends to join, the more credits you can get! So don’t be shy and start inviting NOW! ;)

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