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Free Mac Manual – tips, tricks, and free apps

Mac tips and tricksIf you are a Mac owner, you might be interested in grabbing this free e-magazine Mac tips and tricks. A complimentary e-magazine from MakeUseOf, the Mac manual supplies you with numerous tips, tricks and free applications. Get the hang of the interface and discover what your Mac is really capable of.

Gone are the days when Macs were only considered valid ‘office’ computers. These days, Macs are the slick icons of the design and music industries — and now they’re also spreading to the general consumer market. But even though Macs are an overall reincarnation of simplicity and user-friendliness, most people – whether they are computer initiates or have been working with Windows their entire life – need a little help getting started.

This slick, sixty-odd paged monster is based on Snow Leopard – the latest release of the Mac OS X operating system – and tells you everything you need to know about Mac. With this free guide you will also receive daily updates on new cool websites and programs in your email for free courtesy of MakeUseOf.

Quick while the offer lasts! You can check it out on the free e-magazines section.

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