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Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Review–Hair No More

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Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Review – Own a Dyson vacuum cleaner like the DC39 or perhaps the DC41? Dyson vacuum cleaners have always been my most recommended vacuum cleaners because of their amazing suction power (not to mention the build quality, usability, and cool looks – they can be quite pricey but every Dyson owner I know says it’s worth it).

Dyson vacuum cleaner users (and other non-Dyson’s) have probably experienced by now, that hair tends to get entangled onto the brush head (especially if you have long hair or pets at home). Cleaning the brush bar from hair is never a pleasant experience and often, you need to use scissors to cut them up before you can clean the brush bar.

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The Dyson research team (their Dyson’s Research, Design and Development lab is in Malmesbury, Wiltshire) never stands still and today, I’m going to show you one of their best inventions, the Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine attachment.

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The attachment consists of counter-rotating heads (one in clockwise and the other in counter-clockwise) with brushes to remove hair and dirt easily. Thanks to the smart counter-rotating design, no hair gets tangled because of this motion.

The Tangle-Free Turbine attachment also has an articulating base plate which works great for uneven surfaces such as your furniture (sofa, chairs, etc). The articulating base plate ensures that the brushes remain in contact to keep dislodging hair and dirt. The brushes inside also maintain a large area coverage, so you can reach the edges and clean them up.

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At the moment, the Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine attachment is being rolled out to the Dyson DC41 Animal and DC39 Animal. According to my source at Dyson, it will one day be sold as a stand alone accessory.

Note, however, that the Tangle-Free Turbine attachment is only compatible with DC21 onwards, excluding DC24 and cordless (like the DC31, DC35, or the DC44). Why? The reason is because the cordless vacuum cleaner models do not have the same power/torque compared to the main powered machines. As such, the counter-rotating heads do not spin as fast and the lower airflow means less vacuuming performance. Though the attachment worked on the DC44 when I tested, it is not recommended by Dyson because of the reasons I stated just now.

According to Steve Forbes, Dyson’s Design Engineer, it actually took 187 prototypes to create and optimise the final version of the Tangle-Free turbine attachment. Boy, they really are serious!

If you have pets at home and get tired of having to clean your Dyson’s vacuum cleaner brush head from hair, then this is definitely one of the best investments. I hope that they will incorporate this new design on their future models, in a larger size.

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Note: Dyson Tangle-Free turbine review sample was sponsored by Dyson for the review

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