Simply the best vacuum cleaner in 2011! Dyson DC41 Review

Dyson Upright

Dyson DC41 Review – The DC41 is latest Dyson vacuum cleaner with the Dyson Ball™ technology (check out Craving Tech’s Dyson DC39 review with similar technology). The Dyson DC41, however, is an upright vacuum compared to the DC39 with a bigger motorised brush bar and as such, can easily clean your house in a matter of minutes.

The Dyson DC41 is definitely one of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners in terms of cleaning efficiency (thanks to the Dyson Ball™ technology, Radial Cyclone™ technology, and the larger motorised brush bar) and… everything else.

Dyson DC41 Review – Packaging

Dyson DC41 review

The unit I came wasn’t in the original package, so I’m not sure what the final retail box looks like. The packaging contains:

  • The DC41 unit
  • Motorised brush bar
  • Mini turbine head
  • Stair tool
  • Combination accessory tool (debris nozzle / brush tool)
  • Guides and manuals

Dyson DC41 matressDyson DC41 crevice brush

Dyson DC41 stairs

Dyson DC41 Review – Design

Dyson DC41

The Dyson DC41 has a “magic” wand that can be smartly stored at the back of the unit so you can switch between the motorised head and the wand to clean the ceilings or hard-to-reach places.

Dyson DC41 handle offDyson DC41 handle

The wand is really long and it’s proven to be useful to vacuum your bedroom/bathroom vent or those pesky spider webs on the ceilings.


You can also attach the other accessories to the unit so you can switch between them quickly while you vacuum the house.

Assembling the whole thing out of the package together took me a while but thankfully I was given clear instructions through the manuals.

This is the first time I’ve ever used an upright vacuum and boy, I love it! Dyson has made it easy to switch between the different positions. There is no button to press, there is no awkward move to do. Simply pull the stick down to vacuum and push it up to “click” it into the upright position. Was a bit scared to do this at first (just don’t want to break this expensive gadget) but I remember watching the Dyson vacuum cleaners stress test video on YouTube. It eases my mind knowing that I can do this hundreds of times without breaking the mechanism as this has been properly tested a thousand times if not more.


I have explained about the new Dyson Ball Technology on my Dyson DC39 review post, so I won’t repeat myself here (but feel free to read my other post if you want to know more about the new Dyson Ball Technology).

Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless and use a transparent looking canister to hold the dust and dirt. The Dyson DC41 is no different, although I like it the most compared to the other models I’ve reviewed. For a start, the canister has a large capacity so you can reduce your round trip to the bin while you are vacuuming your house.

Dyson DC41 canister

I also like the fact that the canister is slimmer (in width), which is great if your bin is of a small and short size. This design prevents the dust from going out of the bin like I sometimes got from the other models.

Dyson DC41 bin

The cable is really long so you don’t need to keep on changing the power points just because you can’t reach a certain area of your house. As a result though, there is no cable storage on the DC41 or an auto cable retraction feature. Thankfully, it’s easy to wrap the cable around the unit so it is not as tedious as you think it would be.


There is also a nice cable clip to keep things tidy. A small but nifty thing to add.

Dyson DC41 Review – Experience and Impressions

As mentioned, this is my first upright vacuum cleaner so the experience of having to push the whole unit while vacuuming is new to me. Thanks to the Ball design though, I find it really easy to move the DC41 around! It feels a bit awkward at first to move the whole unit (compared to the Dyson DC22 or the DC35) but with the help of the Ball, I can simply use my wrist to move the unit around.

Dyson DC41 dust and dirt

Using a simple wrist gesture, I manage to steer the Dyson DC41 around my furniture with ease (and having fun doing it!). To be honest, it makes me wonder how people did it last time without the Ball technology. Must have been a painful and annoying experience.

As mentioned before, the wand can be detached to help you clean hard-to-reach places, which makes the Dyson DC41 a more than just an ordinary upright vacuum cleaner. The wand extends nicely though the long reach design can actually backfire if you want to use the DC41 to clean your study table, for example. The hose is a bit stiff so it’s not really that flexible.

The DC41 model that I have is the Animal version (Purple color) and it comes with a mini turbine head, which is perfect to vacuum pet hairs (or your own) from the upholstery, stairs and the car. The head is much smaller so you can thoroughly vacuum the hairs and the stubborn dirt on your furniture.

Dyson DC41 pet

The base plate also automatically self-adjusts for optimal contact with all floor types. All you need to do is to turn off the motorised head with the press of a button when you are vacuuming hard floors, which is similar to the other Dyson vacuum cleaners.

As always, vacuuming with a Dyson vacuum cleaner always amazes me with the results. After all, there is no point in reading all of my points above if a vacuum cleaner does not do its job. The Dyson DC41 does not disappoint and in minutes, it doesn’t seem to have any problem in delivering a stream of dirt and dust particles into the dust canister. With the latest Radial Cyclone™ technology, suction power is maximised, and combined with the larger motorised head, it has significantly reduce the time needed to vacuum the whole house. Simply brilliant.

Proof? This:

Dyson DC41 dust close up

Believe me, once you own a Dyson, you’ll see this very often and you’ll always be surprised at how much dust and dirt your house accumulates in just a matter of days.

There is also a great Dyson video about the DC41, worth watching:

Dyson DC41 Review Conclusion

Dyson DC41

The Dyson DC41 is simply one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. The design, the usability, the performance, and the effectiveness are simply astonishing.

The Dyson Ball™ technology makes it easy to steer this upright vacuum cleaner simply by using your wrist and as a result, vacuuming the house can be fun and more than just a daily (or weekly) chore.

I would totally recommend getting the DC41 if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner to get before this end of the year. It is not the cheapest vacuum cleaner, but after you own this baby and actually use it, you will never regret your decision (if you do, just have a quick stare at the dust canister and think again!)

Dyson DC41 Review – Pros

+ Suck like there’s no tomorrow
+ Easy steering thanks to the Ball technology
+ Quicker to vacuum (bigger motorised head)
+ Support vacuuming your carpet and hard floor
+ Large dust canister capacity
+ Washable filters
+ Bagless
+ Plenty of useful attachments
+ Easy to change from one position (storage) to another (vacuuming)

Dyson DC41 Review – Cons

– No auto retraction to store cables
– Bigger motorised head means harder to reach for narrow areas (though you can switch and use the other tools)


Note: Dyson DC41 review unit was sponsored for the review by Dyson. All opinions are 100% mine


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