Dyson DC39 Review

Dyson DC39 review – James Dyson announced the new Dyson Ball™ technology some time ago introducing a new ball design, which makes Dyson vacuum cleaners easier to handle and more maneuverable. The Ball design also makes the vacuum cleaner less cluttered as all the machinery and behind-the-scene gears are united under 1 “roof”.

The Dyson DC39 that I’m reviewing is one of the next generations of Dyson vacuum cleaners with the Dyson Ball™ technology. Not just that, it is also equipped with the latest Radial Cyclone™ technology that reduces turbulence and minimise energy loss. This makes the DC39 a force to be reckoned with, especially to the dust and dirt alike.

Dyson DC39

Dyson DC39 Review – Unboxing video


Dyson DC39 Review – Packaging

Dyson DC39 boxDyson DC39 packaging

The Dyson DC39 packaging includes:

  • The Dyson DC39 unit
  • Triggerhead floor tool
  • Combination crevice/brush tool
  • Mattress tool
  • Stair tool
  • User guides, manuals, etc

Dyson DC39 Review – Design

The Dyson DC39 review unit that I have is the Allergy version with a lifetime HEPA filter for allergy sufferers, which is perfect for a dust (and dust mites) allergic sufferer like me.

Dyson DC39 tools

The size of the Dyson DC39 is fairly small and just a bit bigger to the Dyson DC22, a.k.a “Baby Dyson” (check Craving Tech’s Dyson DC22 review):

Dyson DC39 vs Dyson DC22

The components can be detached (including the hose) and the wand can be compacted, so if you need to store the vacuum cleaner away in a storage room, you can.

Dyson DC39 long wand

If you have a big house (or a big garage), you might just want to leave the Dyson DC39 in the corner and tuck the wand nicely like in the picture here instead:

Dyson DC39 cable management

The crevice/brush and stair tools can also be attached to the wand, so you can have access to these tools anytime during you vacuuming session. I normally like to change the tools every now and then (ex: the crevice/brush tool for dusting) so I really love this design, which makes it quicker to vacuum in different kind of environment.

Dyson DC39 tools attachment

Not sure whether they have changed anything but I do find that the attachments (tools) can be attached much smoother now, compared to the previous Dyson models I had. Previously, it requires a little bit of yanking to attach/detach the tools, but this time, they go really smoothly!

The power button is located on the ball (and nothing on the handle like the Dyson DC22), next to the button to detach the bin (2 litres capacity).

Dyson DC39 canister

Press the other button to retract the cable in:

Dyson DC39 power buttonDyson DC39 cable

Dyson DC39 Review – Experience and Impressions

Dyson BallThe Dyson Ball Technology is amazing and it makes me wonder why no vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the past have ever thought of this before. All older vacuum cleaners feel inferior compared to the Dyson cleaners with the Ball technology (image on the right is courtesy of Dyson.com.au).

It just makes it simpler and smoother to move the vacuum cleaner around. The ball-shaped unit makes it smoother to glide and with the help of a swivel base in front of the ball, you can get the cleaner to go around any obstacles like a walk in the park.

Dyson vacuum cleaners never disappoint me and I have always recommended them to every friend I have. Dirt and dust are being sucked like there is no tomorrow on any Dyson Vacuum Cleaners (I have the Dyson DC22, DC31, and DC35). Thanks to the Radial Cyclone™ technology, turbulence can be reduced and more air pressure is being preserved. If you don’t understand the jargons, it simply means better air suction to remove even more dust, dirt, allergens, and pet hair. I guess there is a reason why the dust canister is transparent: so you can feel satisfied looking at all the dust, dirt, and hair collected by your new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC39 dusts inside canister

Dyson DC39 is bagless as all dust, dirt, and hairs were sucked into the provided canister. To dispose, simply detach the dust canister from the unit and then press the button on the canister to open it:

Dyson DC39 open canisterDyson DC39 emptying canister

I prefer the older Dyson DC22 design where the button is located next to the handle, so you can literally just use one hand to open the canister (the DC39’s is located on the other end so you have to use two hands). Though you don’t really need to touch the dirt and dust to empty the bin, you’ll find that the dust can make it out of your rubbish bin while you are emptying the canister (only if you have a small bin like I do).

The cable is pretty long so you don’t have to switch to a different power point too often, which is a plus.

Dyson DC39 long cable

There is also a switch to stop the rotating bars when you are vacuuming hard floors or delicate rugs and a suction-release trigger that you can pull when you accidentally suck your socks or a piece of cloth. It’s like having a “Pause” button – smart!

The Dyson team does not recommend you to wash the head of the machine when the hairs start to accumulate on the brush bar. Simply remove them by unscrewing the brush bar and take away the hairs (I often used scissors to let them fall away easily).

Dyson DC39 Review – Conclusion

Dyson DC39 review

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Dyson DC39. With the latest Radial Cyclone™ and Dyson Ball™ technology, vacuuming can never be easier and more efficient than before.

Dyson DC39 is easy to maneuver while you focus on vacuuming and the wand feels lighter compared to the previous model I used, the DC22. There are tools which you can easily detach/attach to vacuum different areas of your house and I’ve also been using the combination crevice/brush tool for dusting, which is great.

Almost everything is washable – the filter, the canister, and the tools (except for the brush bar as I explained earlier).

Dyson DC39 filter

Dyson always innovates and I’m really pleased that one of their latest vacuum cleaners still has the best design and the best suction power. In fact, they always get better and better. Stay tuned to read my upcoming review on the DC41 as well, which I’m going to start testing and reviewing after this.

Dyson DC39 Review – Pros

+ Easy to maneuver, thanks to the new Dyson Ball™ technology
+ Great suction
+ Bagless
+ Easy to detach/attach tools for vacuuming different areas in your house
+ Love the crevice/brush tool for dusting my always-dusty-bedroom
+ Suction-release trigger to stop the suction temporarily
+ Can be used on hard-floors
+ Easy to store
+ Washable filter and easy to take out (no more lazy excuses!)

Dyson DC39 Review – Cons

– The Ball tends to get hot rather quickly
– Emptying the canister can make the dust flies around your bin (unless if you have a big, tall bin)


Disclosure: Dyson DC39 Review unit was sponsored for the review. All opinions are 100% mine

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