Dyson Unveils Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer, A Revolutionary Haircare Advancement

Dyson introduced the groundbreaking Supersonic Nural hair dryer, a pinnacle of innovation in hair care technology. Unveiled during a global launch event in Seoul, South Korea, the Supersonic Nural promises to revolutionise hair drying with its intelligent sensor technology and advanced features.

We also had the Dyson Nural launch here in Sydney, Australia, a couple of weeks ago and Sunny was there to check the new Nural out.

The Supersonic Nural features Nural sensors that activate Scalp Protect Mode, Attachment Learning, and Pause Detect, providing users with an unparalleled styling experience:

  • Scalp Protect Mode: Automatically adjusts heat to 55°C, the ideal temperature for scalp comfort and efficient drying, as the hair dryer nears the scalp, thanks to a time-of-flight sensor that measures distance.
  • Capsule Illumination: The LED light changes color to indicate heat setting, ensuring users can monitor temperature adjustments easily.
  • Attachment Learning: Remembers users’ styling preferences, adapting to their preferred settings for each attachment, streamlining the styling process.
  • Pause Detect: Incorporates a motion-sensing accelerometer to deactivate the heater, decrease airflow and noise during styling breaks.

The Supersonic Nural introduces new attachments to cater to various hair types and styling preferences:

  • Wave+Curl Diffuser: Engineered for waves, curls, and coils, offering two modes for defining and shaping natural hair patterns.
  • Gentle Air Attachment: Delivers fast yet gentle styling by evenly dispersing airflow.
  • Styling Concentrator: Provides precision styling with its wider and thinner design.
  • Wide-Tooth Comb: Helps stretch and lengthen hair for a sleek look.
  • Flyaway Attachment: Conceals shorter hairs, leaving a smooth, shiny finish.

Complementing its advanced technology, the Supersonic NuralTfeatures a clear end cap to showcase its inner workings and comes in two striking color palettes: Ceramic Patina and Topaz, or Vinca Blue and Topaz.

The Supersonic Nural hair dryer is available for purchase in Australia starting from March 11, 2024, priced at AU$749. It will come with five attachments in box and other standalone accessories will be on offer.

You can also visit the Dyson Demo store on George Street, Sydney, to experience the new product firsthand. If you own a Dyson Supersonic or Airwrap (make sure to check our reviews out) and wondering if you should upgrade to the Nural, it’s also a good time to visit the Demo store and ask all your questions out!

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