James Dyson Launches Global Call for Innovative Student Designs in 2024

The James Dyson Award, an esteemed international student design and engineering competition, has officially opened for entries from March 6th to July 17th 2024. This annual event, facilitated by the James Dyson Foundation, invites creative minds to submit groundbreaking inventions addressing real-world challenges.

Open to engineering and design students, as well as recent graduates globally, the award seeks ambitious designs that tackle pressing global issues. Notable past winners include an off-road ambulance trailer for conflict zones, a glass-recycled paint reducing the need for air conditioning, and a device controlling bleeding from stab wounds.

The International Winner and Sustainability Winner will each receive a share of the $57,500 global prize fund. National Winners in the 30 participating markets will receive $9,600 each.

Sir James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer, expressed his excitement, stating that the world needs more problem-solvers, ready to take on the problems of our time. And every year, the James Dyson Award provides a platform for innovative solutions in medical and environmental domains.

Dyson Award’s Australia National Winner 2023

Previous winners have experienced significant success, turning their designs into reality and making impactful contributions to various fields. The International Winner of 2009, Yusuf Muhammad, developed Automist, a device addressing domestic fires with a water misting mechanism, leading to a successful business. And last year, RMIT student Alexander Burton won the Australian national award for his work on REVR, an innovative solution to electric vehicle retrofitting.

The competition has supported over 400 young inventors with more than $1.93 million in prize money. Entries will be accepted until July 17th, with National Winners announced on September 11th, the global Top 20 shortlist on October 16th, and Global Winners revealed on November 13th. The James Dyson Award provides a platform for young inventors to showcase their innovative ideas and potentially shape a better future.

To find out more and to participate, visit the James Dyson Award website. Entries are open now.

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