Dyson DC44 Review – longer, stronger, and better

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Dyson DC44 Review – The Dyson DC35 was loved by many because the vacuum cleaner is portable (cordless), yet it still sucks dirt and dust like there is no tomorrow. The only complain that people have is the 10-minute limit (on standard) and 6-minute (on the MAX mode). Though it’s easy to say that you shouldn’t use a cordless vacuum cleaner to clean the whole house, it is a solid proof that people actually love the power and portability of the Dyson DC35.

Dyson DC44 is the enhanced version of the DC35 Digital Slim, adding more power and more run time to one of the best portable vacuum cleaners in the market.

Dyson DC44 Unboxing Video

Dyson DC44 Review – Packaging


The packaging includes:

  • The DC44 unit (with detachable battery)
  • Detachable wand
  • Crevice tool
  • Combination Accessory tool
  • Motorised head with carbon fibre filaments (to remove fine dust from hard floors)
  • Mini motorised tool with increased power compared to the DC35
  • Docking Station


Dyson DC44 Review – Design

The design is pretty much similar to the DC35 (and the older Dyson DC31):


The differences at a glance are the wand color (which is sexier now) and the DC44 unit color. The DC44 unit is also a tiny bit longer in size than the DC35.


The DC44 still feels the same (in a good way) even though the power lasts longer and stronger. It’s sturdy yet not too heavy to tire your arm when vacuuming. It also features the see-through canister which hold the dirt and dust inside. Dyson DC44 is a bagless vacuum cleaner and the canister can be cleaned and wiped easily.


Pressing the release button will open the canister up, letting the dirt and dust go to your bin. I still have the wish that they can redesign this solution somehow because the dust and dirt tend to get stuck inside the canister and/or fly around my bin while emptying it. Unless of course, if you have those taller Stainless Steel bins like in their advertisement videos.

The battery unit can be detached easily from the DC44, so you can recharge the battery without taking much space near the wall socket.


The wand can also be attached/detached according to your needs. For example, you can attach it when vacuuming the floor (combined with the motorised head) or the ceiling (combined with the crevice). You can then detach the wand if you are dusting your furniture or a table closer to you. The length of the wand is just nice in my experience. I don’t have to bow my body down while vacuuming and I can also reach the room’s ceiling comfortably while lifting the DC44 up. According to the Dyson’s official product page, this is because the centre of gravity is located towards the grip.


Somehow it feels snappier now to attach/detach the tools onto the unit compared to the DC35 – but I’m not sure whether they have changed the design a bit or whether because it’s still brand new. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take much effort either way to change the attachment while you are vacuuming different spots and places.



Dyson DC44 Review – Vacuuming Experience

The DC44 now has an increased run time of 20 minutes (8 minutes on MAX/Boost mode) vs the DC35’s run time of 10 minutes (6 minutes on MAX/Boost mode). Thanks to the new motorised head that has twice the power of the DC35’s, I now vacuum with the standard mode compared to the MAX/Boost mode on the DC35. I rarely found myself switching to the MAX/Boost mode, thanks to the extra power (and yes, I can feel it). It also comes with a better mini motorised tool (also with extra power) to remove pesky pet hair and dirt from upholstery and confined spaces.

As always, I’m amazed at the amount of dust, dirt, and stray hairs inside the canister after each vacuuming session. A room that looks clean, tidy, and hygiene is always deceiving and a Dyson vacuum cleaner never disappoints in proving that to me.


I also find that I’m doing more dusting on my desk and cabinet, thanks to the Combination Accessory Tool.

Dyson DC44 Review – Conclusion


Dyson DC44 Review Conclusion

Thanks to the included tools and the carbon fibre filaments on the brush bar, you can pretty much clean every corner of your house and furniture with the dyson dc44. It’s really handy to use as you can switch quickly between each tool and also attach the wand to vacuum the floor/ceiling.

The dyson dc44 is not a revolutionary model as it pretty much tries to improve the current dc35 model. As such, if you already have the dc35, it may not be necessary to upgrade to the dc44. Unless of course, if you need the extra run time and a higher suction (which is always a plus). If you haven’t owned any of the dyson digital slim range, i’d definitely recommend to go straight to the newer dc44 for a longer, stronger, and better vacuuming experience.

Note: Dyson DC44 review sample was provided for the review

Dyson DC44 Review

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