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The “Now Playing” Windows Vista Gadget

This is a "Now playing" gadget for your Windows Vista. It will display information on what’s currently playing at your favourite Windows’ Media Player.

You can also do a basic control on the gadget, such as Pause/Play, Next and Previous.

Please  feel free to give this gadget a try.


This gadget is made by Steven Strawbridge Law James, so all credit goes to him.

If you don’t have a Windows Vista but want to have a "gadget" to show your currently playing song in Windows XP, for example, you can always grab the CD Art Display. If you have a Vista though, this will be the easiest and simplest way to make it happen!

Download the gadget from my blog server here Download the gadget from the author’s site (just double click on the .gadget file to install after you unzip it)


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