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Fix Windows 7 Sleep mode from waking up by itself


vista sleep

Computer wakes up from sleep by itself? So you love the Windows Vista (and Windows 7) sleep mode but somehow your computer wakes up from sleep by itself? It is an annoying problem and usually happens the first time you try the Sleep feature on Windows Vista/Windows 7 (or perhaps you think that a ghost wakes your computer up at 3 AM?)

Here are some details on what you should check to fix Windows 7 sleep from waking up automatically (this also applies to Windows Vista and Windows 8)

How to prevent your Windows 7 computer wakes up from sleep by itself

Prevent your Network Card from waking your Windows 7 up from its sleep

Check your network card properties through the device manager and disable the “Allow this devide to wake the computer” feature.

  1. Right click on your “My Computer” then select Properties.
  2. Click Device Manager on the left side of the Properties window.
  3. Check your Network card on the Network Adapters (Click on the + sign to expand).
  4. Right click on your network card and select properties.
  5. Go to the Power Management tab and untick the option there to prevent your network card from ever waking up your Windows.
    network wake up vista automatically

Find out what wakes up your Windows 7/Vista from its sleep

To find out what event/device woke up your Windows from its sleep state, go to command prompt (type cmd on the Run/Search box and press ENTER), then type this:
powercfg –lastwake

wake up event viewer

To get the most detailed info (and probably easiest) on the device that wakes your Windows up during the sleep, type:
powercfg –devicequery wake_armed

mouse wake up windows

If that command does not work, try using a “/” than a “-“, so:
powercfg /devicequery wake_armed

There! You’ll find the culprit ;) I clicked my mouse to wake my Windows up intentionally so that’s why you see an HID compliant mouse on the screenshot above. Yours might be different.

If it still doesn’t work:

  • Check out your Power Management Options on your Control Panel (Start, Control Panel, Power Settings, Change plan settings, Change advanced power settings).
    -> “Multimedia settings” option, “When sharing media.” ->”Allow the computer to sleep.
    -> Check other options one by one while you’re at it.

Hope this helps to prevent your Windows 7 computer wakes up from sleep by itself (also works on Windows Vista and Windows 8)


  1. Nice tip. Thanks for the info. WIll share this post with my friends who are using vista and windows 7.

    I am now happy with Windows XP

    • Actually I never realized how sick I was of XP until I started using Win7. In particular, networking and hardware installation are vastly improved. Score one (just one) for M$.

  2. Ah, finally my computer sleeps undisturbed.
    Appears to have been my network card. I did kindof suspect it as the MSN window popped back up when it resumed from sleep.

  3. Thanks so much! Just went online and encountered this problem. The microsoft article said to click manage…did not work. Your solution is to click properties…now I have sleep. As a newby to the computer world, I will keep your website in mind for reference. If you ever need any help with a wood lathe…just drop a line.

  4. thanks man, i looked at the powercfg and it says the network card did it.
    so i turned it off and it should fix this for good

  5. The “-” hyphen syntax may not allow the command to be recognized when typing it in the Search/Run/Console.

    Just exclude the “-” hyphen and the command will run fine:

    powercfg lastwake

    powercfg devicequery wake_armed

  6. Actually, in my previous comment, I should have noted that you need to open the Windows Console to execute the powercfg commands.

    To Start a new Command Prompt shell in Windows, just type CMD in the Windows Vista “Start Search” box or open the Windows “Run” dialog box in the Windows Start Menu and type CMD.

    Then the Console will open and you can type your powercfg commands to isolate what is causing the system to wake from Sleep/Hybernation mode:

    powercfg lastwake

    powercfg devicequery wake_armed

    In my situation, I had already “unchecked” the box in the Power Management tab for Network devices so I knew that these devices were not waking up my system. But something was waking up my system so I used Michael Aulia’s command line tech tips and finally got my notebook system to stay in sleep mode and it also now stays in hybernation mode, it was my keyboard/touchpad device that was waking up my system.

    Thanks for the tech tips Michael.

  7. Thank you for that!
    I’ve been searching the internet the whole day to find out the problem, and then i ran into this, 10 minutes later and keyboard + mouse wake disabled, it finally goes into sleep mode.
    Thanks again.

  8. people listen
    if your computer is old like a p4 then win xp is where u want to stay at. if you are running anything new that came with vista its time to leave that in the dark. again win 7 is not for older pc’s

    win 7 = winxp + a hint of vista but alot more XP

    • I guess that’s your point of view.

      I’m running Win 7 on a P3 laptop (an old Inspiron 8100) and it works just fine. No noticeable degredation in performance over the XP that was on it. Vista, however, I would not dare try to run on it. There are plenty of people on the web reporting that Win 7 is running great on older hardware.

    • What a strange thing to say…

      Windows 7 is by far the greatest os MS have ever released, I’ve installed it on countless ‘old’ machines including laptops, old dell machines, all sorts. Performance is obviously not as fast as newer machines, but it’s only held back by the hardware, not the os.

      I think the slowest machine I’ve installed it on was an Athlon 750 with 512MB ram. Sure it was not exactly a flyer, but it was no slower than windows 2000 or XP.

  9. My PC had been running 32 bit XP and the sleep worked perfectly. I just upgraded to 64 bit Win7 and it started waking itself from sleep after only a few seconds. It never seemed to go completely to sleep. The display shut off, the hard drives spun down and the power light started to blink, but the cooling fans continued to run.

    I found that both my keyboard and mouse had wake-from-sleep enabled. I tried to turn one off at a time and it didn’t help. Turning both off did the trick. The mouse and keyboard are wireless and work from a Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless base and use the Intelli[Type|Point] drivers installed automatically by windows update.

    The network driver had wake-from-sleep and magic packet enabled too, but those settings doesn’t seem to cause this problem.

    This problem was the only really annoying glitch that I had (ignoring the hassle of backing up and restoring all of my data.)

    • I think I found the root cause to my keyboard/mouse wakeup problem. It turns out that the motherboard has a default jumper setting that doesn’t provide standby power to the USB ports. When system went into standby, the ports would power down and that was interpreted as a turn on signal. Moving the jumper to provide standby power seems to have fixed the problem (as well as allowing the keyboard and mouse to actually bring the machine out of sleep.)

  10. Thanks a million, my PC would go into a kind of half sleep and I could not get it do anything except by a hard shutdown. Why would Microsoft enable those wake on network activity settings by default? Anyway you saved me. Thanks

  11. Thank you so much!! Windows Media Center was waking my computer up every night at midnight to download tv guide data. Your article helped me figure this out. THANKS!!

    • This is helpful… especially the powercfg command. Windows Media Center was the culprit, and it fried my system board… I had the laptop in its neoprene sleeve, and at 8AM it woke my machine up to do some update that I don’t really care about. The heat buildup was enough to fry the board. Lucky the hard drive was still OK.

      Funny thing is, MS makes it very hard to find a way to change the settings. Windows Media Center has no menus, so how the hell am I supposed to configure it? I may just uninstall it.

      • Most of the time, Windows wants to hide certain settings and let it do the work. Unlike Linux, where every single thing is viewable/customizable, I guess :)

  12. FINALLY Hibernate & Sleep work on my Thinkpad!

    You’re a lifesaver! :-)

    All the best from Vienna/.at,

  13. I tried all of those options mentioned here but the problem really wasn’t with windows 7 at all.
    I installed on an msi wind. Everything was great accept for the sleep issue. It would sleep for a while if i closed it but the screen would not shut off on its own and sleep would never come. It turns out a simple bios upgrade was the trick now all runs flawlessly.

    So in short. Just upgrade your bios.

  14. Thanks for the help. I killed several things that could have been waking my computer (creating heat in the cabinet and burning power) but it would still wake overnight. With your help I found a sleep timer enabled that I would never have found on my own. The powercfg was a great bit of information.


  15. I just figured it out! I have a Dell Studio desktop, and recently it’s been waking up every couple of hours. Upon thinking about what I’ve done recently that could have caused this I remembered that I changed the power option plan to high performance. Upon looking into this I clicked on advanced options and found an option to wake the computer up on a timed schedule, it was checked!!I’ll see if this works.

  16. Thanks much for the post, Windows was making me crazy always waking up at 5:30 AM. Turns out it was Windows Media Center trying to update itself (mceupdate_scheduled). The task inexplicably had “Wake Computer to Run Task” checked.

  17. Waking up at night…

    Since about a month ago, after many years, I assembled myself a new computer which is running Windows 7 now. It had the strange habit of waking up from the sleep-mode by itself at night. And I just could not find out why. It was not magic packets or th…

  18. Thanks for the tips. I have been having this problem for weeks. Looks like it was some stupid program that did it again and again. I removed it. Hope this works.

  19. This is not a perfect solution tho to turn off wake on lan completely because what if you need it later.
    I wonder if anyone else notices things like your box turns on for 1-5 sec then it turns back off. So we can see a great work in winsucks7 again…

  20. Michael,
    Thanks for this article, but I’m still having trouble. I know the problem is the network card (Trendnet USB) cause I can unplug it and the system sleeps like a baby. I’ve checked all the things you say to check, but when I use powercfg -lastwake, it says “wake history count – 1, wake shistory[0], wake source count – 0”

    I’m using an Asus P5WD2 Premium MB and I never had this problem till I installed Vista (now running windows 7 ultimate 32). I’m really stumped, any suggestions??

  21. Thanks for this post. I have massive issues with this since I currently need a laptop battery and never turn my laptop off. I am just tired of waking up in the morning and having to reboot to the windows black choice screen

  22. I has the same problem and found the solution :

    In the Task Scheduler go to : Microsoft -> Windows -> Media Center

    Then, open the task “mcupdate_scheduled” and uncheck “Wake this computer to run this task” in the conditions tab.

    Enjoy ! Don’t know why it’s on by default.

  23. Perfect solution to my problem, thanks so much. With ‘lastwake’ I could see it was the network card, then just followed your instrutions as above. Presto!

  24. Dude! Thanks a lot. This problem was extremely annoying. How dare my Windows 7 disobey my commands!

    Nice, easy to read page too. Clearly, this wasn’t written up by Micrsoft.

    You did your good deed for the day!!!! :)

  25. Thanks this fixed it for me on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit – it all happened after the network card driver was updated after a Microsoft update.

  26. that helped me with that, but now for some reason i cant seem to stop windows media center to stop from popping up when i click on something its like its taken control of my programs help please.

  27. I spent so long searching for a solution to this problem; i changed all the devices connected to my computer to not allow them to wake the computer when in sleep mode (wake on lan), I updated my bios, and tried numerous different things I found online but it still randomly woke while in sleep mode. After months of no luck i finally came to the solution MOZILLA FIREFOX; when Firefox is running and the computer is put to sleep it will wake up but is you close the browser the computer stays asleep. I hope this helps those who have tried everything out there and still cant find the solution.

    • Yes, I just found that on my Dell XPS-400 (2005 ish), this seems to be what is waking my Win 7 machine. Not at all what I expected to be the culprit. I was closing background things one-by-one, then thought to try Firefox. Now my computer is resting peacefully. Annoying…

  28. Thanks a lot for the cmd line syntax.

    The problem I had was using an iOmega USB KVM switch, seems it keeps sending a signal via the keyboard input. So disabling “allow this device..” on my keyboard did the trick!

  29. Hey thanks for the info. the command prompt method work out excellent i would have never known it was my mouse that was waking my computer. anyways i found the problem and the PC stays asleep all night. thanks a million for your help. As for those who are having problems with the command prompt line dont include the ” – ” between the “powercfg – lastwake” it wont work in the command prompt i found after many trials. anyways thanks a bunch.

  30. Great tutorial, thank you very much for the breakdown.

    This is, however, far too much work to begin with. You shouldn’t even have had to write this tutorial at all :)

  31. I am also having the same problem with my media box waking up during the night. It doesn’t do it every night, but maybe every other night. I have previously been through the powercfg malarkey, and I disabled everything bar the athome ir control device as without that I can’t wake the computer with the media remote control.

    Trouble is, I don’t want to mess with things like the mcupdate scheduled task as that is required in order to download guide data (as far as I know).

    The other annoying thing is that even though I have the power management settings to put the computer to sleep after 30 minutes, it completely ignores this if the media centre is running. If I close wmc and leave it on the desktop, it will sleep as it’s meant to… still wakes up during the night, but sleeps again after 30 minutes.

    Really annoying!

    Any ideas anyone? TIA :)

  32. Thank you so much! This helped me out a lot I was having a such a problem and being the novice I am had no idea what to do :) This worked for me! Thanks for the tutorial!

  33. Great tip!!! Thanks for this. I seriously thought my system was compromised. Kept waking up around 2 am.

  34. Thanks for this tip. It worked for me. However, my laptop running latest win7 Pro is waking up at night from sleep/hibernation. Every night it seems. I made sure I checked again in Device Manager that no device can wake up the computer. This morning I checked what caused the wakeup and here’s what I have. I cannot understand it given that I do not appear to have Media Center.

    C:\Users\chait>powercfg -lastwake
    Wake History Count – 1
    Wake History [0]
    Wake Source Count – 1
    Wake Source [0]
    Type: Wake Timer
    Owner: [PROCESS] \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Windows\System32\services.exe
    Owner Supplied Reason: Windows will execute ‘\Microsoft\Windows\Media Center
    \mcupdate_scheduled’ scheduled task that requested waking the computer.

    Thanks in advance. -yc

    • Ihave different problem: Win7 went to sleep, now it won’t wakeup: it goes thru bootup, I see the 4 colored banner, “Starting Windows”….and then…black screen, pure black…but: I have an active working cursor. But that’s it: no startup, can’t access programs, not thru safe mode, not with Repair disk ……alternate seems to be reload all (custom erases all programs and data!)…and upgrade did not work. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS?????HELP!!
      Eric inGraton CA.

  35. i wonder why it does that, i mean…if you didn’t set it up to wake up by itself then why is it waking up, didn’t i put you to sleep lolz

  36. When I writed in CMD powercfg -lastwake it write me back that is the mouse,
    I fix that and do it agen it looks like “nothing didn’t wake the computer
    Please help and sorry for my bad english

  37. My computer sleeps fine, but has been waking apparently randomly for some time now. I have worked out that this must be due to some power surges or something; as it wakes up when I turn my desk light, or my desk fan off or on!!! The computer is in a surge protected socket, (with the light, but the fan is on a seperate socket). Any ideas if/how I can fix this?

    • Same things happens to me, drives me crazy when I turn on the lights to look for the keys just when I want to leave for work!

      Any solution yet?

  38. Hi,

    Thanks for the tips, but it is not working for me. Everytime I tell teh computer to sleep (by keypress, cli, or clicking in the start menu), it will only put the screen black, but continue working.

    If I press the little switch that counts as lid closed, as soon as I release it, login screen is right there, too fast.

    And after I done that a few times:

    C:\Users\Tiago>powercfg -lastwake
    Wake History Count – 0


    Can anyone help me???

    • looks like your computer isn’t quite capable of turning off the cpu and hardrives during sleep. Sorry, it’s the computer itself and not any settings.

    • I have seen this problem quite a few times. In my case it has always been that media sharing won’t allow the computer to sleep which means it goes to blank screen but keeps running. Disable media sharing or set it to allow computer to sleep and it should work, if this is the reason in your case.

      If this doesn’t help I’d still search for devices running that won’t allow the computer to sleep. Also check for viruses.

  39. Yea.. funny these computers.. today you buy top shelf one, and tomorrow its old and broken.

    I did, however, install Debian GNU/Linux on it and I can successfully put it to Sleep in S3 state. Funny hun?

    I will try to -reinstall windows 7 and see if it gets fixed…

    Thanks anyway

  40. Hi,

    My 64bit Windows 7 notebook randomly goes to sleep while i’m working, I have disabled the sleep options in power management and set the values to Never how ever this still occurs. Any ideas?


  41. I have the opposite problem and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for a resolution. Windows 7 machine goes to sleep…other machines (Vista and XP desktop) on the network can no longer see the Windows 7 machine and access files. Is there a setting that will allow other computers on the network to access files still? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • While your Windows 7 machine is asleep, there is no way to access its system via the network. However, I do believe that if you allow the network card to wake the computer you may be able to prompt it to wake up by trying to access it via the home network. I am not 100% sure about this however since I haven’t tried it myself. If it works, however, simply set your 7 machine to auto sleep after a few minutes so that it goes back to sleep again once you no longer need to access it.

  42. Thanks for your tips. I have followed it to find out:
    >powercfg –devicequery wake_armed
    HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP
    High Definition Audio Controller
    and I have turned off the wake up for both. However, I still don’t understand why those two devices can wake up the computer, as I not use at all?

    BTW, before read your tips, I have found that the machine will only wake up bu itself when the Ethernet cable is plugged in, even though the network card’s wake up option is unchecked.

    I have suspected that may be caused by some spyware or so, so I installed WireShark to check, and found some user-agent called SCSDK is communicating with hosts at “mailshell.net” in Germany.

    Do you know what the SCSDK is, and how can I find where it is?

    Thanks in advance.


    • HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP turned it’s wake up option back on. I don’t know if it was an update or what but I noticed that after no wake up issues for several months, it reset itself to enable wake up. You’ll have to check it periodically to make sure it’s set to off.

  43. Windows Media Center wakes up my computer. Settings doesn’t seem to allow it to be configured. Open up scheduled tasks, can find the WMC scheduled updater which is set to wake up to do its dirty deed – I’ve turned it off, and am assuming its gonna STOP ANNOYING THE H E DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS OUT OF ME!

  44. I had the same problems and found out the reason to be a “keyboard”. The problem is that in fact, it was not my keyboard but my mouse that was waking up the computer.
    The reason is, I am using a mouse with a Logitech Unifying USB dongle, and even if I disable the “wake up from sleep mode” option for the mouse in the device manager (under “mouse” category), you’ll also have a “keyboard” entry (in the keyboards category) that corresponds to the same mouse, in addition to the entry corresponding to your real keyboard.
    So in order to disable the mouse to waking up the computer, you have to disable the “wake up” option both for the “mouse” and the associated “keyboard” entries.
    Of course you’ll have to do tests in order to identify the mouse’s “keyboard” entry from your real keyboard (just disable all but 1 and put the computer to sleep, and see which one is waking up the computer).
    Hope this also can help.

  45. Hey I have had this problem for over a year now and its only getting worse. first it would sometimes happen that my PC wakes right after going to sleep or waking up the next morning to find out your PC has woken up. nothing helped I tried everything! (all the above). cmd says wake history count 0 and my mouse and keyboard are both disabled for waking my PC up. I use thesame Logitech Dongle as a guy up there somewhere. the funny thing is that when my computer goes to sleep and I unplug both the USB and analog plug from my wireless key/mouse/board it actually doesnt wake up. even if I dont touch my keyboard or mouse it always manages to wake up. its starting to get quite a problem now. I have recently upgraded from windows vista to windows 7 but I already experienced the problem in vista. I also added a new graphics card before switching to 7 and added another Hard Drive Disk after switching to 7 (I removed my old graphics card) I also added a new power thing that I needed to supply my new graphics card with enough power. I really dont get it anymore.

    • Do you have any wireless mouse plugged into the USB? I used to have the same problem and couldn’t figure it out for months. At that time, I have a wire mouse and a wireless mouse. Then one day I realize when I unplug the wireless, my pc don’t wake up after putting it to sleep. I believe the wireless mouse adapter is causing the problem.

  46. I have different problem: Win7 went to sleep, now it won’t wakeup: it goes thru bootup, I see the 4 colored banner, “Starting Windows”….and then…black screen, pure black…but:can`t wakeup

  47. your tips were well summarized and easy to follow. now i wont have my computer waking me up at night! thank you so so much

  48. If I type powercfg -devicequery wake_armed it says HID-Compliant Mouse and Standard PS/2 Keyboard. My mouse is wireless so it might of shifted, I could just turn it off. I don’t know what the heck my keyboard did. Could someone please help?

    • FYI, this has been happening to me since I installed Windows 7, and the first thing I did was disable the network card waking Windows, but it didn’t fix the problem. Try this instead, it worked for me!!!

      Control Panel>Power Options>Change Plan Settings>Change Advanced Power Settings>Sleep> Now make sure you disable wake timers. What is probably happening is that you have a virus protector update or something along those lines scheduled and that’s what is waking the computer. Just give it a shot.

  49. Its not necessary always WOL that is waking your computer… doing the steps above, my computer would still repeatedly wake up at night… I’d have to get the !@#$% out of bed, press the sleep button, only to have it wake my ass up in another hour. Do do the steps above first to disable WOL, because 99.999999% of users will never use or need this feature, and Microsoft needs to be shot for turning it on by default. A network administrator poweruser who would actually need this, would know how to turn it on. The bulk ocean of Windows users, however, have no idea its turned on or how to turn it off.


    To really find out what event/device woke up your Windows from its sleep state, go to command prompt (type cmd on the Run/Search box and press ENTER), then type this:

    powercfg – lastwake

    To get the most detailed info (and probably easiest) on the device that wakes your Windows up during the sleep, type:

    powercfg –devicequery wake_armed

    In my case, it was !@#$%^ Media Center Update, which is BY DEFAULT installed as a scheduled task from a clean install installed set to wake up your computer in the middle of the night and update the Media Center application in Windows. What bright idiot joker set this scheduled task at Microsoft to wake millions of computers up at night on their own initiative and freak people out or ruin their sleep, night after night after night pulling their hair out trying to get their computer to stop waking up, needs to be lined up against a wall and shot. But then if you’ve used Windows for the last 20 years, you know a long litany and list of stupid stuff is usually installed or set on by default.

    Again, if you’ve never changed it, its probably Media Center update, or some other ridiculous scheduled task. Below I get the steps for switching this off for Media Center Update, but it is applicable for what other scheduled task powercfg – lastwake reports… drill down in the same Task Scheduler app and disable it or schedule it to run when the computer is already on and idle, or at startup.

    TO DISABLE MEDIA CENTER UPDATE (or other similiar wake your ass up at night on by default scheduled tasks):
    –Go to the start menu and type “Task Scheduler”
    –You will have to click the LITTLE TRIANGLES in front of each item and subitem below, to get them to expand to show the next drop down list:
    –Click on the little arrow by Task Scheduler Library -> then Microsoft -> then Windows -> then finally click on the word Media Center itself
    –Here you will see two entries for mcupdates_scheduled… change both of them.. if necessary
    –Right click on the item entry in the top scroll list and choose “Properties” from the drop down menu
    –Click on Triggers Tab
    –Click on entry to select
    –Click on Edit button at bottom of window
    Change “Begin at” drop down menu from “Scheduled” to “At Startup”
    –Click on the entry

    Poke around a bit, you can change what time it starts and whether or not it wakes up the computer or not

    • Yeah, for me its the media center update check this first.
      it was tricky to find becuase it didnt show up in the active tasks list grrr.

  50. Correction: Media Center Update is not on by default, but gets turned on the first time you launch Windows Media Center and when prompted at its first run, you click through and chose the default “Express Settings”.

    Sort of like a time bomb waiting to happen. You could use your computer for years, without it waking up at night, and then one day while bored think hey what’s that, launch Windows Media Center which you never use, click through, and without knowing turn on this wake your computer up at night scheduled task simply by clicking through the default dialog.

    If you have never launched Windows Media Center, this will be off by default, until your first run and your click through. My suggestion is to launch it, click through the express settings, and then go into Task Scheduler as I mention above and turn it off, this will protect you from you or any other user on your computer in the future turning it on.

  51. It can also be your mouse being bumped (or other USB device waking your computer). Having your mouse set up to wake your computer is universally a BAD THING(tm), as any little bump or surface vibration will wake your computer up. I.e., a school bus going by your house in the morning, the washing machine running, someone turns on a stereo with some bass real loud, etc.

    You can disable wake via keyboard and/or mouse in your BIOS at system start (hit F1, ESC, Delete, or whatever your BIOS Screen says and dig for it through the Power Menu). While your there, make sure your APM Power State is set to S3 or S1&S3, but not S1 alone. You want S3… S1 is no sleep state at all, it keeps the fans and hard drives spinning.

    There may be other evil scheduled wake tasks in Task Scheduler I have not found yet… someone needs to compile a list on them or ones that are turned on by installing apps… and do some investigation into how to keep USB mice and keyboards from also waking the computer when the BIOS switch does not work to disable them.

    Ideally, you want only your Powerbutton set to Wake your Computer from sleep, and you also want it configured under Power Options to put your computer to sleep (or if sleep is not working correctly for you, to hibernate). The default is to shutdown. If you are lazy, you can set your keyboard to wake your computer, but I find this is a BAD THING, as with numerous keyboards on my desk, I’ll start typing on the wrong keyboard and bring a computer out of wake I did not want to wake. Then I’ll have to wait for it to finish waking, and the press the sleep button on the keyboard to put it back to sleep. Rough on the harddrive and a waste of two minutes of my time.

    Other USB devices connected to your computer may also be waking it.

    As an aside, I’ve found if a computer has a weak power supply, having USB devices connected to it will keep it from starting when you press the power button, and your computer will act like your power supply has died. Disconnecting all USB devices and pulling out the mouse & keyboard plugs, and then press the power button, and the computer will immediately start. You can then plug your devices back in. Note with PS2 mouse & keyboard, you need to do it before BIOS initializes them. If you’re too slow, plug them in, and just press restart button before Windows Starts up.

  52. Has to be powercfg –lastwake to work. No space between -l or windows will not recognize the command.

  53. Fail.

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    E:\Windows\System32>powercfg – lastwake
    Invalid Parameters — try “/?” for help

    E:\Windows\System32>powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
    Invalid Parameters — try “/?” for help


  54. Thanks to everyone who has posted instructions here.
    Having been woken at 3am for the second night in a row by my pc, I finally have been moved to act. I followed the instructions here and found Media Centre was the culprit.

    I have to say this for Microsoft, they have some brave programmers. If I lived in a country where private citizens have ready access to guns, the last thing I would want to do is to wake millions of them up suddenly at 3am every-night.

  55. After like 1.5 years of searching the cause of this problem I finally think I’ve found my solution. WINDOWS F***ING UPDATE was scheduled to update at 03.00 am !!! It did not matter if WOL (Wake-On-Lan) was OFF or not. The only was to stop my computer turning itself on I found was to pull both the battery and the power cable!!

  56. Thank you for this info. I followed instructions that Michael gave on the sleep mode and it worked for me, at least as we speak.

    My problem – and I hope someone can help – is my screen going black when I am in WLM and then a message will appear saying, Display Driver is not responding and has now recovered. I have this problem often and no one seems to know the cause so therefore, can’t help me with it. They have tried to no avail. Any one have any ideas on this. They would be appreciated. Thanks.

  57. Mate, you’re a dead set legend. I’ve been waking up for weeks to find my computer blaring away first thing in the morning, could never figure out what was turning it on. Was the mouse – guess it must have moved a little bit or something. Good on ya!

  58. hi
    to make active Stand By in windows seven do as follows:
    1)To find out what event/device woke up your Windows from its sleep state, go to command prompt (type cmd on the Run/Search box and press ENTER), then type this:
    powercfg –devicequery wake_armed

    2)to find device shown do as folows:
    do right click on my computer>select mange > select device manager

    find devices shown in cmd then do right click on them and select properties. select power manager and remove the tick of “allow this device to wake up computer”

    repeat stage 2 for all devices shown in cmd

  59. Hi, just installed Windows 7 and I had the same problem with hibernate in that after shutting down the computer kept waking up.

    After much messing about I found this webpage and the solution worked for me as it was my network adapter causing the problem. Thanks so much. Definitely getting an Apple Mac next time, windows sucks.

  60. Hello,

    I have similar problem as those described my computer goes into sleep but wake up immediately. but I did not find any solution.

    C:>powercfg /lastwake
    Compteur dhistorique des sorties de veilleá- 1
    Historique des sorties de veille [0]
    Compteur des sources de sortie de veilleá- 0

    (sorry PC configured in french but you can see that source counter is 0)

    The devicequerry wake armed option just give an empty answer.
    I have checked drivers, bios (wake on .. options are disabled), power management options …
    I have no more ideas.
    Any one ?

  61. How about the svhosts.exe, wakes computer up…

    C:\Users\JesuZ>powercfg -lastwake
    Wake History Count – 1
    Wake History [0]
    Wake Source Count – 1
    Wake Source [0]
    Type: Wake Timer
    Owner: [SERVICE] \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Windows\System32\svchost.exe (wuaus

    Any ideas how to get rid of this?

  62. This was the least expensive keyboard (shipped) that I could get, and it showed up when I needed to have it, so, for that, I am grateful

  63. For those who are still having this problem, as someone else said above, I’ve also had worked out that whenever a slight power disrupt (surge) happens, like when you switch the light on, the system respectively turns itself on from the sleep mode.

    Although I have had set both in BIOS and the windows that neither mouse, nor keyboard are allowed to wake up the system, I found out that the cheap laser mouse that I was using temporarily, no matter what configurations, was still waking up the system.

  64. Thanks for allthe input from everyone. I finally found that if you go into Windows Update, it is scheduled for 3am updates every night. A couple other people had posted similar problems. Thanks!

  65. Thanks for this tip. As a creature of habit I am trying to migrate to Win7 and was having this issue. When I ran the parameter to locate the responsible component(s) the count was 0. Interesting since my computer wakes in the middle of the night every night. I believe it to be my anti-virus updating but, not sure. I did set the network adapter to disallow. We’ll see! Great job though with this article.

  66. In my case it was TMM in Task Scheduler / Microsoft / Windows / Mobile PC.
    I didn’t disable the task as suggested by a post on the answers.microsoft.com: “What is the purpose for TMM (Microsoft Transient Multi-Monitor Manager) in the Task Scheduler?”
    Instead I just unchecked the “Wake the computer to run this task”.
    TMM = Microsoft Transient Multi-Monitor Manager

  67. Thanks for the help. I have been so annoyed that I have accused people of turning on my computer and then not admiting to it. After calming down I figured out what it was. Thanks!

  68. My laptop with Windows 7 kept waking up from sleep by itself. Early on I suspected it was USB, since it also woke up when I pressed the mouse buttons or unpluggen the mouse while sleeping.

    This all meant that the USB chipset was still powered during sleep. An electric spark or cellphone signal burst could also induce a voltage spike in the mouse or cable and wake the computer.

    So I opened Device Manager, and opened Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Then for each of the USB Serial Bus Controller items shown there, I opened the Properties (right click), selected the Power Management tab, and checked the box “Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power”

    After this the USB chipset will be unpowered during sleep, and USB devices will no longer wake the computer.

    One drawback is that you will have to wake the computer with a power button or PS2 keyboard, since USB keyboard and mouse will no longer be active then.

  69. When i go through this process and right click my network adaptor (Linksys Wireless N PCI Card) and select properties the power management tab does not come up. I am actually seeking to allow my windows Vista machine to be woken up from sleep by networked devices. Any help anyone could offer?

  70. Stupid windows. I am logged in as admin im not sure how to get them to show me everything. They assume im an idiot…

  71. Yeah, I had this problem and managed to fix it before I read this post. My network card was waking up my PC. It took me a long time to change to windows 7, in fact I always wait at least a year before upgrading operating systems just to see what problems arise. I used vista, but went straight back to xp and I’ve only now been using Windows 7 for 6 months!

  72. Someone else in the comment may have mentioned this, but Windows Update, if it is set to install updates automatically at a time when your computer would be asleep, will wake your computer up.

    I normally keep my WUpdate on the “download but don’t install” option since I get really annoyed when Windows has to suddenly restart when I’m in the middle of something. But WUpdate had somehow reset itself so that it was installing updates every day at 3AM, thus letting my PC suck power for no reason for hours at a time. I don’t know how this happened, but I’m glad the lastwake command let me know about it.

  73. Cheers for ones support! There exists evidently terribly a lot of to find out over it. I do assume you have got created a quality things in addition capabilities.

  74. Thank you dor this post.

    My computer kept waking up right after going to sleep mode. I found out that it was my wireless keyboard thats was the problem due to low battery status.

    I fixed it with turning the option off so it was no longer able to wake the PC up.

  75. I love you! I’ve experience the problem since I reinstall windows7, googled trying to find the solution. It was so helpful!

  76. i guess a scheduled task gets registered in your Task Scheduler , which is responsible .

    try this ,

    Open Task Scheduler by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Task Scheduler.? If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    the task scheduler would open up , and look for all the tasks registered , and especially check there parameters .look for any thing where a setting says , ” wake the computer up from sleep to complete the task . ” thats the culprit .kill it and it should resolve the problem .also make sure , you dont have any tasks set up in any of other softwares like AV , which would wake up the PC .like wake up the pc for routine scans or updates ..tell if you need more help ….

  77. This could be a great help for me and to everybody who experience the same problem in Windows Vista/7 Sleep mode. I actually don’t know how to fix this and I know it because of you. Thanks!

  78. Thanks allot! I had disabled the mouse from waking the system, but when my wife started using a wireless mouse I forgot about it! Also the network card took me twice to get it to stay not allowed to wake, but it finally stuck!

  79. Microsoft never came with final version always Patches then new windows , nothing diffrent just change the places you have to find the same old things on new locations and wait for patch 1…….100000 . Better to switch to new world for freedome no isseues not virues try LINUX MINT 12 better then windows , i switched no changes to me all documents sheets wokrs fine ……………………………………………….. must give a chace to the world leader operatoin system Linux MINT 12

  80. help please … My key board is some how waking my laptop from sleep mode … what can i do … every things updated …

  81. My Inspiron 580 desktop computer awakes out of the sleep mode without me prompting it. I have software that reminds me of appointments. I want the computer to stay in sleep mode until that software wakes it up to announce an appointment of mine or to wake me up to my favorite music. When I first set up the computer, it worked fine, but after many downloads and changes some software is waking the computer up after a few seconds to a minute.

    I went to Windows and Microsoft forums and tried several suggestions and none worked:





    I also tried:


    I finally decided to do a complete reinstall of Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium version due to other issues. I discovered that the compute awoke when I prompted it by my commands and not by itself. However, when I installed the necessary Windows updates, it woke itself up. Do you have a resolution to this annoying problem?

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
    Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
    Other OS Description Not Available
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
    System Name CINDY-PC
    System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
    System Model Inspiron 580
    System Type x64-based PC
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz, 3067 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A06, 7/6/2010
    SMBIOS Version 2.6
    Windows Directory C:\Windows
    System Directory C:\Windows\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2
    Locale United States
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = “6.1.7601.17514?
    User Name Cindy-PC\Martin
    Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
    Total Physical Memory 3.80 GB
    Available Physical Memory 1.58 GB
    Total Virtual Memory 7.61 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 4.99 GB
    Page File Space 3.80 GB
    Page File C:\pagefile.sys

    Let me try again! My goal is to put my computer in sleep mode and ideally have a third party software or at least the task scheduler to wake it up. I wanted to use the PC to wake me up to music and schedule it to wake up
    for other tasks. It has been since last October that I posted my problem. I
    have tried everything suggested and nothing seems to work. I just shut it off at night and put it on in the morning. This is what I tried:

    I have been able to keep the computer in sleep mode through the network card’s power management settings by un-checking the wake up box, but
    the computer stays in the sleep mode. I tried checking the “magic packet only box” but that did not work. I tried a clean boot and could not find the program or service that wakes it. I switched the BIOS setting from S3 to S1 and that did not work. I used “cmd” prompt and “powercfg –devicequery wake_armed” to tell me what devices were waking it after I put it in sleep mode and woke up. The first result was my HID mouse and keyboard so I unchecked both “to wake the computer” setting and again, it did not work. I checked the task scheduler and that had nothing scheduled. I tried uninstalling my third-party scheduler software “Say the Time” and the computer still awoke out of the sleep mode. As I said awhile back, I had to uninstall my OS and reinstall it. I took the opportunity to see if the PC stayed in sleep mode before I loaded any software including window updates and it did, but when I installed the updates without any software, documents, and multimedia it came out of sleep mode in a few seconds even after a clean install of my OS.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?


  82. Hi,
    I found last wake up source as HD audio device from mircosoft by powercfg -lastwake, am confused which causes exactly to wake up my Toshiba Laptop

  83. Hey there I wonder if anyone can help me out here?

    I have a Lenovo SL510 laptop running Windows 7 and just in the last few days it’s been waking up from sleep mode when I have the lid down for no apparent reason.
    I’ve checked my network card and the “allow to wake” option is disabled.
    I tried the above command prompts, but whilst the first one worked and seemed to say the power button woke it up – which it can’t have done unless it’s faulty – the second command with wake_armed doesn’t seem to do anything for me – it just pauses, displays nothing and gives me another command prompt.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I tried System Restore, going back to a time it worked okay, but that didn’t seem to help. I can’t think of anything else I’ve changed.

  84. Nice article, Michael, you’re the kind of savy I enjoy most. I’ll try the network adapter power feature. I propose a new one: Why does Win7 start so slow up? For a couple of days ago I’m facing this awkward issue.
    My specs: Win7 Ultimate 64 bits on a solid SSD, 12 gb RAM, intel 7 2600k. Could be drivers but which one? Everything looks OK. I had disabled some start up programs.
    Another weird things: I’m using the English version of Windows. I cannot install Explorer 9 because a wrong language package. I live in Sweden.
    Windows recovery cannot find the internal disk I used to save my computer’s restore points even if Windows itself shows me the hard drive. What the heck? The recovery service is turn ON.
    Hope you can dig in my own problems, hehehe.
    Regards, Oscar

  85. Thanks alot. My FUCKING Mac overheated and ruined the cards i left on top when i had this problem….

  86. My lastwake what due to a Windows Media Player mc_update_scheduled scheduled task that requested waking the computer. So I edited the meda center task schedule according to Microsoft Article ID: 979878. I just disabled mine.

  87. I have already fixed it, it concerned the intel LAN device which, in my case has plenty of options, some you need, some don’t at all. Funny think is the OS will wake up by deffault in my case since that shitty option was ON. Check out your LAN options, it may look different from mine but there must be some option you have to turn off.

  88. Thanks for this info! I have Windows 7 and usually put in hibernate when I’m at work or asleep and always wake up to find that it has turned on by itself. I did what you told me and had no more issues with it.

    Thanks so much! It was bugging the crap out of me that my laptop would just turn back on by itself, and I didn’t want to shut it down because I’m in the middle of edit a video project and didn’t want to have reload my software every time computer rebooted….why by the way takes an enternity. I saw this option and loved it until it began to turn on by itself. So again, thanks so much for your post!

  89. Works for Windows 8 too! I’d forgotten about this from when I had the same problem in Windows 7 when I first tried to use Sleep mode. So much better for quick access.

  90. Hey, I have a question, I read up in the comments that this issue normally comes back to the Network Card. I am on WLAN and cannot change any power settings on the network adapter. Could it be a malicious virus waking my computer?

  91. Not sure if this thread is even still active, but here goes. Running Win7 Professional 64-bit. Already went through all power settings and did set Network Adapter to prevent it from waking Windows. I tried typing in “powercfg –devicequery wake_armed”, but i get an error message: “Invalid Parameters — try “/?” for help”. Don’t know what to make of this. Not sure what it’s asking me for. Any help would be appreciated.

  92. Hey! So, I tried all the tricks you mentioned and when I did the command prompt to ask my laptop what woke it up (so to speak), it told me that the “timer expired”. What’s been going on with my laptop is that I close the screen before bed and it goes automatically into sleep mode (which I have no problem with), but when I come down in the morning, it’s on again with the screen still closed. It’s making the fan work very hard and the whole laptop gets very hot. I don’t want it to ‘stroke out’. I watched it several nights in a row and discovered that it wakes up at precisely 3 AM on the dot. If I put it to sleep after that time, it sleeps like a baby until I wake it up. I have searched for ways to fix this but I’m still getting nowhere. Help?

  93. Thanks for telling about this way out, I was so much troubled with my w7 automatically getting out of hibernation almost instantly.

    But this didn’t work in my case.
    in my case devicequery gave Atheoros L2 fast ethernet
    and when I checked in device manager, it was indeed “checked” to wake up. So, I unchecked it.

    But, my computer is still coming out of hibernate just instantly.

    Now, none of the devices appearing in my device manager have that “allow this device to wake up” checked. And I already had “allow computer to sleep” while that video thing that you suggested later.

    now, devicequery is showing a blank, that no device woke up. but pc is waking up.

    What do i do?

    I have noticed that when I put UMAX power supply in my pc, then this automatic waking up takes place. With an older power supply of Fronttake, computer goes to hibernation safely and doesnot wake up.

    btw, I use pen drive dongle modem for internet. do I still need to keep atheros network adapter active or is the dongle modem is enough and I can just disable the built in network card?

    V S Rawat
    Indore MP INDIA

  94. Hi, Thank you for the advices but I tried almost everhing(i hope not) and I am still encountering the same problem!!! My computer wakes up straight away after it goes to sleep. Please Help!!!

  95. Sleep-Wake Solution:

    This is a solution for those who want their computers to never wake from sleep on their own and simpler solutions have not worked. Nothing other than tapping a button or opening the cover will wake it. Not the planned tasks which are scheduled to wake up your system such as Windows Media Center or the unknown causes. The only negative I’ve found is that a laptop will not wake to hibernate if the battery is getting too low. It will just go dead and any unsaved information will be lost.

    1. Open a command-prompt and type the following lines of information. Press “enter” after each of the following.

    2. powercfg -setacvalueindex scheme_current sub_sleep bd3b718a-0680-4d9d-8ab2-e1d2b4ac806d 0

    3. powercfg -setdcvalueindex scheme_current sub_sleep bd3b718a-0680-4d9d-8ab2-e1d2b4ac806d 0

    4. powercfg -setactive scheme_current

    (there is a space after powercfg)

    These can be copied and pasted into the command-prompt by clicking on the header/edit/paste at the top of the command-prompt window.

    This changes and applies a new power scheme that stops the machine from being woken from sleep. This solution has worked on both Win7 and Win8.

    During my command-prompt test on a new Win8 system, it appears to have reset the power settings to default since things again have their default time-out settings after using the command-prompt solution. There have also not been any wakes reported during the test period in Event Viewer / system. I had rebooted the machine after entering the command-prompt solution, but I’m not sure if this was necessary or not after having entered step 4 into the command prompt.

    I also reviewed the Event Viewer on two other systems, and there have not been any wakes on those systems since I implemented the command-prompt solution on them two weeks ago.

    • Hey does this really work? I need somebody to confirm, I don’t really feel comfortable with changing things in my config that I don’t know how to change back afterwards!

      • To change it back just end each string with a 1 instead of the 0. I forgot to mention that this changes the default value of the current power scheme, so an additional step is needed. Go to Control Panel / Power Settings, and then change the settings back to default values under advanced settings for the current power scheme.

        If you wonder, the aforementioned config changes apply to following registry keys:







        It modified the SKUACSettingIndex to a zero from a 1 in all these keys. These can be changed in regedit as an alternative. The power scheme needs to revert to default afterward in this case also.

  96. [email protected]

    I found a big mistake in the typing here and the cmd entry must be changted to work! powercfg – lastwake … needed to be powercfg -lastwake [!!] BIG DIFFERENCE./ – powercfg space then dash but NO space – add lastwake …but Thanks for the help – I finally got it.

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