Win Prizes from Microsoft by answering a Windows Vista quiz!

Prizes to be won:

  1. 46” Full HD LCD TV valued at AU$4,799.00 RRP(incl GST) ;
  2. Toshiba Qosmio Laptop valued at AU$5,499.00 RRP (incl GST);
  3. Home Theatre valued at AU$1,499.00 RRP (incl GST);
  4. DVD Recorder valued at AU$849.00 RRP (incl GST);
  5. HDD Camcorder valued at AU$1,699.00 RRP (incl GST);
  6. X-BOX Elite valued at $729.95 RRP (incl GST).

Read more for details!

Ok, before I get you guys excited, there are terms and conditions, but in summary:

  1. You need to install Silverlight to see the page
  2. You have to be located in Australia
  3. You must be a Local OEM Channel Partner. Definition of a Local OEM channel partner (“partners”) includes resellers and System Builders who resell other branded hardware (PCs and Servers) with Microsoft OEM Licenses or who build hardware to sell directly to end customers.
  4. You must answer the quiz questions correctly

The third requirement is pretty sucked (to me, coz I am living in Australia at the moment and eligible to win them). Although I’m not sure whether they actually check when you win the prizes, I’ve decided to be an honest guy this time and simply turn this down.

Anyways, if you think that you are eligible, good luck! You’ll be asked 10 Fact or Fiction questions about Windows Vista and 4 consultancy questions (You look at a video and decide what Windows Vista edition is best on the person’s current situation).

The quiz can be found on the page here.

Hint for the answers: Always give credit to Microsoft!

If you really want to be a cheapskate, then here are the answers :) :

Q1. Windows Vista sold more copies than any other Microsoft Operating System (including Windows XP) in the first month following launch.
Answer: Fact
My Comment: Really? Maybe the population is just getting bigger?

Q2. Windows Vista faces significant Compatibility issues with hardware devices.
Answer: Fiction
My Comment: What?? It’s really obvious that a lot of hardware (driver issues) is incompatible with Vista!!

Q3, Windows Vista faces significant issues in terms of integrating with other software applications.
Answer: Fiction
My Comment: No comment about this one.

Q4. Windows Vista delivers all new levels of security compared to previous Windows operating systems.
Answer: Fact
My comment: This may be true, especially if you have to click 10 times to get something to run in your Windows (when UAC is turned on)

Q5. Windows Vista is expensive to deploy and run.
Answer: Fiction
My comment: It’s not expensive, is it? It’s only around $300-400 for Ultimate edition..

Q6. Windows Vista hasn’t been popular with businesses.
Answer: Fiction
My comment: Want to bet on how many businesses are still sticking with Windows XP?

Q7. Windows Vista is unreliable and requires more technical support than Windows XP.
Answer: Fiction
My comment: Not sure about this one. Some people like it automated, some don’t

Q8. Microsoft has been swift to diagnose and rectify initial issues with Windows Vista.
Answer: Fact
My comment: They’d better be with those bugs, incompatibilities, and people getting ripped off by buying the Ultimate version.

Q9. Windows Vista can help deliver peace of mind for parents in terms of their children’s online safety.
Answer: Fact
My comment: No comment as I’ve never tried it, maybe when I have kids one day :)

Q10. Windows Vista won’t truly be ready until the first complete Service Pack is released.
Answer: Fiction
My comment: Assuming that you know how to get the leaked versions of Service Pack 1 betas, only then I’d agree with this.

The video answers: I only went through the first one (about a mom who wants to share videos/photos to her friends and mom in UK). The answer was Home user, Parental Control, Photo Storage Editing and Sharing. Feel free to share the last 3 answers here.

I have nothing to go against Windows Vista (I’m using it and loving it), but to simply overlook the facts and cover them with "lies" are a bit too much for me, especially the compatibility part!

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