September 2008 Traffic & Income statistics

September 2008 Google Analytics Statistics
100,000 views from a post alone

My blog’s September 2008 statistics: 91,394 visits, 151,490 Pageviews.

  • Referring Sites – 69,024 visits
  • Search Engines – 12,564 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 9,118 visits
  • Other – 688 visits

It sounds like a crazy traffic, compared to my August 2008 of 25,841 visitors in total. Before you ask me “How do you do that??”, it’s because a joke post received 107,698 page views alone (through StumbleUpon, mostly). Take that out, and there’s no element of surprise left with the numbers :)

Referring Sites traffic breakdown (Top 3):

  • StumbleUpon – 59,773 visits
  • Reddit – 2,905 visits
  • Entrecard – 2,179 visits

Income made on September 2008

  • Private Advertising – $135
  • Google AdSense – $97.22
  • ASE AdNet – $17.63
  • BuzzLogic – $10.51

A total of $260.36 making money out of this blog. Not bad at all for this month.

Interesting things happening on my blog last month

  • My post on Google Chrome love and hate was on Yahoo Buzz Front Page for a few hours. I was so excited at that time. However, it turned out that Yahoo Buzz only gave me around 800 visitors.. O_o. I was expecting more. Hopefully one day I can be on Digg’s front page. That should give me a good burst of traffic.
  • The man vs woman waking up joke post gave me around 10,000 visitors/day for 3 consecutive days. My hosting seemed to be able to cope with it, thanks to the WP-SuperCache plug-in that I installed earlier. Last time it sent my host server to its knees with that traffic lol. Make sure that you read my post on why caching is important for your blog.
  • Google took down my blog’s PageRank from PR4 to PR3 :( Although people say a PageRank means nothing, it does in terms of looking for private advertisers.

September 2008 Post Highlights

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