8 Tips to promote your latest blog post for free

Blue mouse and a penSo you think that your latest post on your blog rocks? (If you think that every post that you write, rocks, then you have a problem :D). Not every post that I write is lovable or interests everyone on the planet.

However, when you think that you have made a killer post, these are some good tips to spread the post around quickly and they cost you nothing. There is no point in writing a good post if no body knows about it!

How to promote your latest blog post for free

  1. Submit it to Blog posts’ directories.
    There are so many of them out there now, where you can submit your blog posts for free; BlogEngage, Blogsvine, BloggingZoom, etc. Chance is that you should receive some visitors to the post, if the title is catchy enough.
  2. Submit it to social bookmarking services.
    You know the drill. Just be careful not to submit your own post on some social bookmarking services that don’t allow you to. StumbleUpon is an example. You don’t want to submit your own post to it (Well once a while perhaps, but not constantly, or your site may get banned).
  3. Find those blogs with the “U comment I follow” tag and “spam” some comments.
    Make a good comment on his/her latest post. When the owner sees your comment, he/she should drop by to your blog and comment on your latest post too (Well at least that’s the commitment of the “U Comment I Follow” movement). If the post is good enough, you might get a free pingback/trackback or a free stumble/digg/etc.
  4. Similar to above, find blogs that have the CommentLuv plug-in on them (like my blog).
    CommentLuv plug-in displays your latest blog post below your comment. So, write a good comment as much as possible on these blogs and attract their readers to your latest post! Again, your post’s title must be catchy.
  5. Go to forums that display your latest feed and start replying threads.
    DigitalPoint forum is one of them. Try to go to the right thread and start replying other people’s posts. For example, if you publish a post that gives a SEO tips, then reply threads that ask help for SEO tips. If your reply is good enough and they see your latest post’s titled “10 Best SEO Tips”, chance is that they will click on the link to read further!
  6. If you are active on Entrecard.com community, drop your card more that day to promote your latest post.
    Most of the time, you should get a reciprocate drop. Even if there’s only 20% chance of those droppers reading your latest post, it is still worth the effort. You get credits and you can get a pitch on your latest post.
  7. Stumble, Digg, etc a post on other blogs and inform the owners that you did so.
    Be genuine and really do it when you like the post. When my readers come and said in the comment that they like the post and have stumbled it, sometimes I go back to their blogs, read some posts, and if I really like a post, I do the same in return.
    Don’t get your hopes up, but it is worth a try. Try not to “force” an exchange but let them find the value of your post. Begging usually won’t get you anywhere, unless if you know the blogger.
  8. Reply your readers’ comments more frequently on that latest post.
    When people visit your blog and see that you have 20 comments on your latest post, it will generate curiosity. Curiosity is good. It attracts them to read your post to find out what the fuzz is all about.

Try not to do this on every single post that you make. Again, not every post that you do is a “killer post”! If you do this everyday, you might get tired and discouraged. I did these tips myself when I was promoting my post on Google Chrome some weeks ago. The result was good, but it was quite time consuming and tiring.

Remember.. marketing, marketing, marketing!

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