October 2011 Traffic & Income Statistics

October 2011 traffic and income statistics

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for October 2011:  150,636 unique visitors and 194,908 page views, compared to September 2011 with 127,219 unique visitors and  163,778 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Search Traffic: 132,019 visitors.
  • Referral Traffic: 7,649 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 10,885 visitors.
  • Other: 83 visitors.

October 2011 Traffic Sources Breakdown

October 2011 Traffic Sources

Total Newsletter subscribers: 279
Facebook fans: 1633

Money made online in October 2011 breakdown

  • Google AdSense: USD 409.66
  • Amazon Affiliates: USD 365.84
  • Affiliate Sales: USD 0
  • Sponsored Posts (Unruly Media, Nuffnang, etc): $489.14
  • Private advertising (Banners): $540.00

Total income made online in October 2011: $1,804.64

I put a more aggresive 336×280 format for Google AdSense at the top of every post, compared to the 468×60 last month. I found that I could squeeze a few more dollars a day (not much) but apparently I got good $ per click on a couple of days last month.

It’d also be interesting to find out how much Amazon Affiliate earnings I can rack up this month and next month (normally it was like doubled, so I’m looking forward to it ;)).

I’ve also decided to switch my weekly newsletter and RSS feed to a full feed. I think if you are subscribing, then you deserve to read the whole story and don’t have to click to come and read it on this blog. Though I would still encourage you to come and interact by commenting :)

How’s your stats for last month?

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