Google Panda rolls out globally – traffic goes down a bit

Traffic drops caused by Google PandaWhether this is just a coincidence or not, Craving Tech loses a few rankings on some keywords that have been bringing good constant traffic every day. This blog loses a few hundreds visitors a day as a result. One of my posts about the SensoTouch 3D shaver from Philips went down from the 1st to a few rankings below (and even disappears from the first page on a specific keyword).

This may or may not be the result of Google Panda, the newest Google algorithm that penalizes websites with low quality contents (it has rolled out globally – source: Brothersoft). This makes me wonder. Craving Tech has many unique contents (reviews and tips/tutorial posts) and I’m pretty sure it’s not a spammy site. I hope this is just a glitch but we shall see.

Since the new Google Panda penalizes duplicate contents more than before, I wonder what I should do with posting press releases? Press releases are often “copy-pasted” on media sites like Craving Tech so every online press release will definitely have duplicates all over the net. Although I’ve tried adding an introductory paragraph before I quote a press release, I wonder whether it’s enough and whether it’s one of the reasons that our sites can get penalized in a way.

How about your blog/site? Do you notice any significant change in traffic or rankings these past weeks or days?

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