September 2011 Traffic & Income Statistics

September 2011 traffic statistics

Craving Tech’s traffic statistics summary for September 2011:  127,219 unique visitors and  163,778 page views, compared to August 2011 with 117,001 unique visitors and  149,166 page views.

Traffic details:

  • Search Traffic: 108,814. visitors.
  • Referral Traffic: 8,614 visitors.
  • Direct Traffic: 9,719 visitors.
  • Other: 72 visitors.

September 2011 Traffic Sources Breakdown

Traffic sources september 2011

Thanks to the help of some guest posts, we have more articles here at Craving Tech and I’ve noticed that some of them get good amount of search engine visitors/queries and good feedback. To the guest posters, thank you for your contributions here at Craving Tech and let me know if the others are interested to write a piece too.

I’ve also decided to make a record of the number of newsletter subscribers and Craving Tech’s Facebook fan. This way, I can monitor the progress compared to last month’s. Hope you like it.

Total Newsletter subscribers: 272
Facebook fans: 572

Money made online in September 2011 breakdown

  • Google AdSense: USD 308.83
  • Amazon Affiliates: USD 347.89
  • Affiliate Sales: USD 50.00
  • Sponsored Posts (Unruly Media, Nuffnang, etc): $779.33
  • TechMediaNetwork CPM banner: $177.71

Total income made online in September 2011: $1,663.76

Quite a steady month although there is a decline in Google AdSense earnings as I was trying a few different placements (to make it less intrusive for you though at the expense of less money for me, which is cool). There was quite a big jump in Amazon Affiliates as you can see, which is great, and I can’t wait to see how much I can rack up in December (as people crazily search for review gadgets to be gifted for the holiday season :))

I still can’t break through into affiliate marketing as most big bloggers get the money from. I guess it’s hard when I don’t use much paid/affiliate services to offer/pitch. And I don’t want to promote affiliate products/services by pretending or lying about the results – it’s just not my method.

To those who are subscribing to my newsletter, do you mind to receive partial feeds like last week’s? Or do you prefer to have a full newsletter with all the post contents?  Check here if you don’t know what I mean: Partial vs Full.

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