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Best Free Online File Storage?

Online file storageI’ve been trying to look for an alternative solution for a free online storage for the files that you can download from my blog posts. Previously, I was using a “being paid when your uploaded file is downloaded” free file hosting and I was disappointed because the service has decided not to pay me anymore (well it’s a tiny cent per download anyway, 0.001 cent or some ridiculous amount).

So I’ve tried a few free online storage service and I thought I’d share to you guys what I’ve found about them. I know that there are plenty of them out there, so it is good to know what service gives you what benefit.

Comparison of different free online file storage on the internet


  1. Humyo
    URL: http://www.humyo.com
    Storage & Bandwidth
    25 GB – Media files (music/video/photos)
    5 GB – other files
    Unlimited bandwith
    Notes: Have to login in 90 days if you don’t want your account to be removed. However, they will notify you about it first to check whether you still want your account.
  2. Hotlinkfiles
    URL: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/
    Storage & Bandwidth:
    50 MB limit max per file
    1 GB Space
    8 GB Bandwith limit per month
    Direct Hotlinking to the files is allowed.
    Not sure how long they will keep your files.
  3. Drop.io
    URL: http://www.drop.io/
    Storage & Bandwidth:
    100 MB per file
    Once off upload (No account registration needed).
    Can be password protected.
    “All drops are set to expire under some sort of condition. At the extreme you can set them so that they don’t expire until they are not used for a full year”.
  4. Mediafire
    URL: http://www.mediafire.com
    Storage & Bandwidth:
    Unlimited Storage
    Unlimited Bandwith
    Up 100 MB per file
    You don’t have to sign up for an account to use the service.
    “For free accounts, there is currently no time limit on how long uploaded files will be stored as long as you access your account (i.e. login to your account) at least once every 60 days OR at least one of your files is accessed (i.e. downloaded) every 30 days.”
  5. Wua.la
    URL: http://www.wua.la
    Storage & Bandwidth:
    1 GB (+unlimited by exchanging your local storage space “virtually”)
    Unlimited Bandwith
    Files permanently stored.
    Must have JAVA installed either on your browser or your machine (a stand alone Windows application).
    Wua.la can appear as a drive on your Windows, making it easier for you to manage your files.
  6. Box.net
    URL: http://www.box.net
    Storage & Bandwidth:
    1 GB
    Unlimited Bandwith
    “In addition to other termination provisions, Basic Users (free 1GB accounts) are subject to termination if: (a) the Basic User does not engage in any Box.net activity within thirty (30) days of registration, or (b) the Basic User does not engage in any Box.net activity for any period of 120 consecutive days. We will send you an email describing the situation and informing you that your account will be closed within seven (7) days unless you begin to use the account during that period. At the conclusion of that seven (7) day period, absent any such activity we will close the account. Any data you may have stored will be lost.”
  7. MyBloop
    URL: http://www.mybloop.com
    Storage & Bandwidth:
    Unlimited Storage
    Unlimited Bandwith
    Maximum Filesize is 1 GB
    Files never get deleted.
    Doesn’t work when a download accelerator is used.
    “We allow music, videos and movies to be uploaded as long as it is marked private and is not shared with anyone else.
    MyBloop signups are currently open only to United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand users.”


So far, I’d recommend using MediaFire if you constantly host some downloadable small files on your blog. The interface is one of the best (easy to use, looks great, and quick) compared to the other services. If your blog has quite a good traffic, chance is that the files will never get deleted (as long as one of your readers downloads a file from your account). MyBloop.com offers unlimited storage and bandwith, but the interface is quite slow to load (fully in Flash), but if you want to host lots of large files, you should go for mybloop.com.

Again, there is no one service that does all for me yet so far. I’m still waiting for Google’s solution for an online storage (they were planning for Google Drive long time ago but there is no updated news about it yet).

So what do you normally use for an online storage and why do you like the service? Please don’t tell me that you’re still using Gmail to store your files :D

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