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I currently live in Australia and in here, new release games’ prices are incredible rip-offs. I was planning to buy an online MMORPG game called Warhammer Online and it costs around AUD $99 on the stores here (around USD $80!).

I then browse around the web and forums to find alternative places where I can get the game somewhere else cheaper, but reliable.

So here is a list of online stores where you can get games cheaper than your retail stores.

Not on a particular order:

  • CD WOW
    Free delivery, gives retail box. Delivery time is around 4-10 days, depending on where you are. Deliver to UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Other European Countries, Hongkong, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and USA.
    I had a friend who bought his Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) PC game from here before.
  • OffGamers
    Doesn’t seem to offer a large variety of games compared to the other online stores. You buy the retail cd keys from them (at least I can buy Warhammer Online Retail CD key from here). Delivery is claimed to be instant, but you don’t get a retail box. Unless you really have to get the key instantly, you’d better be buying the games somewhere else. The price is not so cheap for purchasing only a cd-key.
  • Play Asia
    Play Asia offers a much cheaper price compared to the retail (about 50% cheaper when I compared the Warhammer Online price). Gives you the retail box. Shipping cost depends on the weights of your items purchased. The price is quite reasonable though.
  • Direct2Drive (U.S based or U.K based)
    Doesn’t give you the retail box, instead, you have to download the game through their software. The price is quite good and if you think you can live without having the retail box, then go for it! I don’t know why only allows U.S and Canada customers (at least when I tried to purchase my Warhammer Online), but certainly doesn’t mind.
  • Zest
    Zest is a Thailand online shop and pretty popular too. The prices are in Baht (Thailand currency), so you need to convert it to your currency first before justifying whether it’s giving you a good bargain or not. Some of the web site parts are also in Thai, but if you manage to get through all that, you can get a good price out of your game. Just have to be careful to make sure that the game is not in Thai. I remember seeing Diablo II in Thai last time lol. Well we only wanted the CD key, so we installed using an English retail and used the cd-key that we got from Zest. If you can cope with having retail box and manuals in Thai, then Zest might give you a good offer :)
  • eBay
    May not be the safest place to buy, but if the seller is a power seller (check the seller ratings), then you’ll have 99% chance that the order is valid. You can get good prices out of eBay stores. Just keep an eye on the seller ratings and delivery charges.

Do you have other favorite online stores to buy games cheaply? Please share it here for us.

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