Philips Hue range to be one of the first to support the new smart home industry standard, Matter

Matter is the new smart home standard so that Apple, Google, and Amazon Devices can talk to one another. At the moment, a smart home device needs to be able to support all three if you want them to communicate with one another. Most smart home devices only support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for example, so you cannot use Siri to control them.

But with Matter (running on Wi-Fi, Thread, and Bluetooth Low Energy), a new industry standard surprisingly backed by Apple, Google, and Amazon, this issue will be in the past.

The great news is that Philips Hue range will support Matter through a firmware update on the Hue Bridge. This means whichever Hue devices you have at home, they will all be “upgraded” in a sense. At the moment I have tons of Hue devices at home (make sure to check my reviews out), so I’m quite keen to see what the future holds.

Signify has actively participated in demos and periodically tested Matter interoperability of Philips Hue products with smart home partners, ensuring current and future Philips Hue users will have a superior and seamless connected experience.

It’s unclear when the firmware update will take place but Matter is expected to launch by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in the last quarter of 2021. The Hue Bridge’s software update will become globally available soon after the launch of Matter.

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