New-Release Echo Frames (3rd Generation): The Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses Assists You Everywhere

Ever imagined a future where you can read texts or see who’s calling on your glasses? The Amazon team may not be too far from perfection. But with the recently released Amazon Alexa smart glasses, you can make/ receive calls all hands-free. You can even send/ read text messages without pausing what you are doing!

Of course, it may not be the first time you’ve heard about smart glasses. However, Amazon has invested dearly in improving the technology of Echo Frames to bring you the best virtual assistance experience.

In this short guide, I’ve put together everything you should know about the new Amazon Echo Frames glasses with Alexa. The post covers the good and not-so-good features so you can make a wise buying decision.

5 Best Features of the Amazon Echo Frames Smart Eyeglasses

  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 are available in 7 different styles
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 offers hands-free texting and calling
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 has a neat Find-my-smart-glasses feature
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 gives you ONLY notifications that matter
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 switches between audio of multiple devices easily

New-Release Amazon Echo Frames: Summary Features & Specs of the Alexa Smart Glasses

 Amazon Echo Frames 3
ModelThird Generation
Release Year2023
Designs Available7
Types of ConfigurationsThree
Fittable with Prescription LensesYes
Built-in CameraNO
Type of ControlsPhysical buttons
Power OptionRechargeable Battery
Battery Life6 – 24+hours
Type of ChargingWireless (Charging Stand)
WaterproofNo (IPX4 only)
Compatible Virtual AssistantsOnly Alexa

The “New-Release” Amazon Echo Frames is a third-generation product. Thus, it’s an improvement of the first original release and 2nd generation Alexa smart glasses.

While still not a hot topic in the Australian tech market, the Amazon Echo Frames are a MUST-HAVE for a technophile. The charming virtual assistant, Alexa, is the core drive as she’s able to assist in lots of areas.

For instance, I’ve just said you no longer have to pause your task at hand to receive a call or check messages. Alexa can do that for you with just a simple voice command. She’s even able to send a message via Text or your other preferred app.

Features and Capabilities of Amazon Alexa Echo Frames Smart Glasses

As a replacement for the 1st and 2nd generation Amazon Alexa smart glasses, Echo Frames (3rd Gen) has many improvements. However, some of the things are more of a downgrade, as you can see below:

·       Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses aren’t Cheap

First, the idea behind the Amazon Echo frames smart glasses is to allow the users to take Alexa wherever needed. That includes the office and meetings where you can’t bring an Echo Show display or Echo Dot speaker.

Sadly, after incorporating Alexa skills into our everyday lifestyle, Amazon vowed to have us pay through the nose for it. The third-generation Amazon Echo Frames glasses price in Australia ranges from A$400 to $600+, depending on your choice of style.

·       Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses are Slimmer

At hand, the Echo Frames smart glasses feel solid and well-made. If you can compare with the first and second-generation models, the new pair is also lighter and less bulky on the arms. Thus, appears like a normal pair of glasses that you can wear anywhere without anyone suspecting It being loaded with tech.

·       Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses in an Array of Designs

One of the main improvements in the new Amazon Echo Frames is the design. The smart glasses are not only in the previous configurations of UV-protected sunglasses, prescription-ready, and blue-light lenses. , They are also available in various styles, including two Carrera designs (made in partnership with Carrera), rectangle, square, cat eye, and round.

The wide array of classic and stylish frames is something the owners of the first-generation and second-generation Alexa smart glasses enquired a lot. So, Amazon is willing to listen to the complaints and innovate together with the consumers.

·       Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses Are Prompt to Respond

In case you have been following up on the things Alexa can do, Amazon has been making the intelligent AI smarter. One of the biggest improvements was just recently with the latest large language model (LLM) that offers more conversational and expressive AI.

I’m not able to confirm the LLM protocol is in the Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen). But the smart eyeglasses handle a natural conversational request very well. So, you can conjure up most of the needed information without an issue.

·       Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses Have Decent Audio

As you already know, the Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses let you enjoy music from your playlist on Spotify, YouTube, etc. Don’t expect the sound quality to have a deep base as a pair of over-ear JBL headphones, though

The Alexa smart glasses offer an open-ear audio experience. Thus, still suffers a bit of audio spillage, in which case the person nearby can hear what you’re listening to.

Nonetheless, the Amazon team has improved the speaker driver of the new Echo Frames. They now give some bass, unlike the first-generation and second-generation Echo Frames.

Furthermore, you can hear the persons on the other end of a call well. And thanks to the high-quality microphone in place, the other person can hear you without losing a word.

·       Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses Have Button Controls

Unfortunately, Amazon Echo Frames 3 doesn’t have the capacitive touch on the sides like previous models. It only has physical buttons that you use as control for volume, receive/ cancel calls, mute microphone, or an “action button” for Alexa.

It’s still unclear why Amazon removed the touchpad on the arms as they were handy for picking up or canceling calls. But they’ll have to return it in the next Echo Frames series now that the consumers have been demanding it.

·       Amazon Alexa Smart Glasses a Charging Stand

The charging method is another area different in the Amazon Echo Frames 3. Instead of the previous magnetic cable charger, you now have a charging stand.

In my opinion, I see no issue with the new charging stand, as it still juices your eyewear. The best part, it has a built-in status LED to show the glasses are plugged right.

On the negative side, the charging stand will be tricky to use to charge the Alexa smart eyeglasses in a car. It also requires placing the glasses on the stand alright, or else they won’t charge.

When the Echo Frames are on full charge, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous music play or longer. The battery can last more than a day on standby mode, where you just use Alexa from time to time.

Key Takeaway: Summary of Things You can Do with Amazon Alexa Echo Frames Glasses

  1. You can add prescription lenses on your new Echo Frames. Hence, enjoying instant Alexa skills with a clear vision as your doctor prescribes
  2. Start listening to your favorite musicquickly and without taking out your phone.
  3. Amazon Echo Frames 3 let’s you call or message someone on your contact list with a simple voice command. The Alexa smart glasses also have a button to answer  and hang up  or reject a call right from your temple.
  4. In the new Amazon Alexa smart eyeglasses, you can use the built-in VIP Filter to get only the notifications that matters. That means the glasses won’t bombard you with irrelevant alerts from app updates.
  5. With the new Amazon Echo Frames, you can easily switch audio from your laptop to a phone or any other connected devices. 
  6. The Amazon Alexa smart glasses lets you manage your smart home ecosystem while even miles away. Be it turning on/ off lights, starting a robot vacuum, locking a door, adjusting a thermostat, managing a CCTV camera, et cetera.
  7. Are you one of the forgetful minds? The Echo Frames Alexa glasses now have a feature to find them if lost. Just say, “Alexa, find my smart glasses” and the map will direct you to their location
  8. Afraid of Alexa listening to your “private” conversation? The Amazon Echo Frames eyeglasses have the option to mute the microphones on each arm. It only requires double-pressing the action button to mute and repeating again to unmute.

Common Related Questions

What’s the price of Amazon Echo smart glasses in Australia?

Overall, the price of the new Amazon Echo 3 smart glasses with Alexa varies between A$400 to $600+. The pricing difference all depends on the style of the smart glasses chosen. Basic styles of the Echo Frames are the cheapest, whereas the Italian Carrera design is the most expensive.

Can I capture videos with Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses?

Sadly, No, you can’t take pictures or videos secretly with Amazon Echo Frames. The Alexa smart eyeglasses have no built-in camera like the likes of Ray-Ban Meta glasses.

What are the drawbacks of Amazon Echo frames Alexa smart glasses?

Like any other product, Amazon Echo Frames glasses have some drawbacks you should know before making a buying decision. The drawbacks include:

  • Amazon Echo Frames glasses have no cameras
  • Amazon Echo Frames have some audio spillage
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 has no touch swipe feature
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 can be tricky to charge in a car

Are Amazon Echo frames smart glasses worth it?

In my opinion, Amazon Echo Frames are good to have. Some pros of the Alexa smart eyeglasses include:

  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 are comfortable to wear
  • Amazon Echo Frames guarantee hands-free calling and texting
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 are available in many styles
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 has a highly-responsive Alexa
  • Amazon Echo Frames 3 has a VIP filter for alerts that matter
  • Amazon Echo Frames have an intuitive Find-my-smart-glasses feature
  • Amazon Echo Frames switch between multiple devices easily
  • Amazon Echo Frames allows you to manage your smart home devices with ease.
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