Amazon unveils the New Echo Show 5 with Enhanced Features and Sustainable Design

Amazon announced the release of the latest Echo Show 5, which brings deeper bass, faster processing, and Matter compatibility to the beloved smart display. Priced at A$169 in Australia, the new generation of Echo Show 5 is set to hit the market in less than a month.

As a refresher, make sure to check my review on the original Amazon Echo Show 5 and the 2nd Generation here at Craving Tech.

The Echo Show 5, the smallest Alexa-powered smart display with a five-inch screen, is perfect for various spots around the home, including the bedroom and kitchen. It combines Alexa’s utility with a compact screen, allowing users to watch news clips, check their Ring doorbell camera, manage shopping lists, follow recipes, and make video calls with ease.

This third-generation Echo Show 5 features a completely reengineered microphone array and is powered by the AZ2 Neutral Edge processor, making it faster than its predecessors. Additionally, it boasts an improved speaker system that provides clearer sound for music, videos, podcasts, and Audible books.

With support for Matter, the Echo Show 5 can seamlessly connect and control compatible smart home products across different brands, integrating effortlessly into any smart home setup.

The Echo Show 5 includes a manual mic/camera off button, a built-in camera shutter, and options to delete voice recordings, giving users full control over their Alexa experience, improving privacy and security around the house.

Sustainability is also a key feature of the new Echo Show 5. The device is crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn and aluminium made from 100% recycled materials. Its packaging consists of 99% wood fibre-based materials sourced from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources.

The all-new Echo Show 5 will be available for online pre-orders now at, and in selected Australian retailers from July 10. It will be offered in Black, White, and Cloud Blue.

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