Overwatch 2 Season 11 is here with Tons of Goodies

The season 11 of Overwatch is finally here! While there is no new Hero to be announced this season (we’ve already got Venture last season), there are still plenty of cool things to unlock and experience this season.

Ultrawatch Skins

First of all, we’ve got the Legendary, Tokusatsu-themed, Ultrawatch skins that you can unlock while playing the game. Note that they are only available as premium rewards so a Season 11 Battle Pass is needed. Heroes who get the Ultrawatch skins are Genji, Cassidy, Ana, Soujorn, Hammond, and Reaper.

Mythic Skin: Ashe

For this season, Ashe is the one getting a Mythic skin – the Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe. You can unlock Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe by collecting 50 Mythic Prisms this Season (of if you have saved up from the previous one) and unlock her through the Mythic shop. Customisations for the skin is also available as always, requiring a few more Mythic Prisms. And of course, the beloved B.O.B also gets a free skin alongside Ashe!

NEW! Mythic Weapon Skins

This is one of the most interesting updates, in my opinion. Starting from this season, Blizzard has introduced a new Mythic Weapon Skins in the Mythic shop. Once you unlock a Mythic Weapon skin, you’ll be able to equip it to the matching hero (no matter what skin they are using). A Mythic Weapon Skin first needs to be unlocked for 50 Mythic Prisms (to get the base skin) and you can then unlock additional levels at 10 Mythic Prisms including a Weapon Flourish emote, elimination visual effects, and reactive effects.

This is not available now unfortunately, but the first Mythic Weapon Skin will be coming on July 23 for Reinhardt. The Mythic Bound Demon Reinhardt Weapon Skin looks very cool as you can see from the Season 11 video trailer (click here if you haven’t watched it yet). Can’t wait to get more weapon skins for the other heroes I actually use.

More Lifeguard Skins

Wish the other heroes are getting the Lifeguard skins? Your wish has come true. This time, more heroes are getting Lifeguard skins like Kiriko, Lifeweaver, Junkrat, Roadhog, Cassidy, and more. Only a few of them can be unlocked through the Battle Pass though, and the rest has to be bought in the shop when they come out later (like Kiriko and Lifeweaver’s).

Pink Mercy is Back!

The beloved Pink Mercy skin is back this Season, along with a new Rose Gold Mercy Bundle. The skin is available for purchase (with real money) where 100% of the purchase price from these items will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (excluding any applicable platform fees and taxes). I already did this when it first came out (a few years back?) and it’s definitely worth donating and getting the cool skin at the same time. Find out more here.

You can purchase the Pink Mercy skin and the Rose Gold Mercy bundle from the in-game shop, or from your preferred game platform store including the Battle.net Shop, the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store, Nintendo E-Shop, and the Steam Marketplace.

New Push Map: Runasapi

There’s a new Push map this season based on Peruvian Andes. You can also directly pick the map through Arcade in case you want to experience it first hand or need to practice before you jump in Quick or Competitive Play.

Cassidy Rework

Cassidy, one of my favourite heroes, is getting a slight rework. We’ve already known that he was going to get a bit of rework, especially with his Magnetic Grenade. It is now back to be a Flashbang but instead of stunning the enemy, the Flashbang slows them down for 1.2 seconds with 50% movement speed reduction and preventing crouch movement. Thankfully, you’ll still get 45 damage out of it. It has quite a long 12 second cooldown, though.

There are more updates (check the official news) including some hero balancing (listed in the full Overwatch 2 Season 11 patch notes).

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