Hearthstone’s latest expansion is coming next month with 145 brand new cards and other updates

Mark your calendars for 24 July, 2024, because it’s time for the next Hearthstone’s expansion, “Perils in Paradise.” Set in the breathtaking Spiral Isles, The Marin is Azeroth’s newest vacation hotspot, offering thrilling entertainment, must-see tourist traps, and even some familiar pirate faces.

Pre-purchase for Perils in Paradise, the second expansion in the Year of the Pegasus, is now live if you want to get a head start. This expansion features 145 brand new cards, including the legendary Marin the Manager card, and a new Keyword: Tourist.

So what’s new?

New Keyword: Tourist

This is a new keyword on the expansion which sounds fun. While you are building your deck, you can add a Legendary Tourist card (one for each Hero Class) and then you can put another class’s Perils in Paradise cards in your deck with it! This allows you to gain access to other classes’ cards and balance out the weakness of your Hero class. For example, Mage class normally doesn’t have healing spells so gaining health is not easy. But with this new unique mechanic, you can now pick and choose.

“Popular Locations”

There are new Location cards being added in the latest expansion too (six different Locations). It’s definitely been a while since we have new Location cards. If you meet certain conditions, you can even trigger/utilise the Location earlier than usual.

“Tasty Drinks”

There are new, six Drink cards. Each Drink is actually a Spell that you can cast multiple times (i.e a refill).

Free Marin the Manager Legendary Minion

Get a free Legendary Minion, Marin the Manager just by logging in to the game now.

Bundle Options

Perils in Paradise Mega Bundle Includes 80 Perils in Paradise card packs, 10 Golden Perils in Paradise card packs, 1 random Perils in Paradise Signature Legendary card, 1 random Perils in Paradise Golden Legendary card, and the Hakkar the Houndmaster Card Back and Hero Skin.

Perils in Paradise Bundle Includes 60 Perils in Paradise card packs, 2 random Perils in Paradise Legendary cards, and the Hakkar Card Back.

These can be pre-purchase now in the game. Just head off to the Shop menu and you can purchase these packs there.

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