Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 Review

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 comes with a crystal-clear 2K video, head-to-toe views, and smart AI alerts, a perfect Australia-weather-proof home security upgrade.

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 is designed to provide peace of mind to the discerning homeowner. Equips with advanced features and brilliant engineering, Tapo Video Doorbell goes beyond offering easy to set up, smart AI detection solutions to secure your home. In this post, I will share my experience that may make the Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 a standout choice for your next smart doorbell solution.

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 Review – Packaging

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 Review – Design and Features

Crystal Clear 2K 5MP Live View

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 ensures that you’re always in the know about what’s happening at your doorstep. The 2K 5MP Live View, accessible through the Tapo app, captures fine details even in low-light environments. This resolution ensures that you don’t miss a beat, day or night.

It’s really nice to see how good the quality is coming from the camera, thanks to the good quality camera lens and 2K resolution support. The details are captured well and it’s easy to see what’s happening outside of your door from the live view.

Vivid Colour Night Vision

The Tapo D230S1’s night vision sets a new standard. Employing a built-in spotlight and starlight sensor, it renders detailed and vibrant images even in complete darkness. This eliminates the limitations of traditional, black-and-white, night vision and is better both on the eyes visually but also makes it clearer to see even in complete darkness.

Head-to-Toe View for Enhanced Security

With an ultra-wide FOV of 160° Diagonal, Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 shows 4:3 live view and provides a head-to-toe perspective, capturing more vertical details than standard 16:9 smart doorbells. This comprehensive coverage extends to close proximity as well, allowing thorough inspections of visitors from as close as 1 meter.

This means when you have a delivery courier stands next to your door, you can still see them from head to toe. Or more importantly, there are often times where you have packages on the floor in front of the door and you can’t see it from a traditional point of view.

Sometimes when you are out and about, you might want to double check to see if there is a package on the floor after having a missed bell. The Tapo smart doorbell makes it seamless to check.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Protection

The rechargeable and removable battery, coupled with a low-power protocol, significantly extends Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 operation. This translates to uninterrupted protection without frequent recharging hassles, a feature I found particularly valuable. Simply take the battery out and plug it to the included charging cable to charge.

Ideally, you’d want to have a spare battery so you can easily switch them up to prevent any security downtime.

Flexible Placement, Flexible Views, Smart App out of the box

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 understands that every home is unique. It’s equipped with a complete package to get the doorbell installed and with supplied 15° wedge as a choice allow users to customise the placement of the doorbell to suit various scenarios. Wedges also enable users to adjust views, ensuring a tailored approach to home security.

Once you placed Tapo Video Doorbell where you wanted to, Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 harnessed smart AI algorithms that identify people and cars providing important events by sending notifications right to your Tapo app. Through the Tapo app, you could also communicate directly with couriers or guests visiting your home, no matter where you are.

Anti-theft Alarm for Added Security

The Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 is also equipped with an anti-theft alarm function. You’ll receive alerts if anyone attempts to tamper with or attempt to remove the doorbell, adding an extra layer of security to your home.

Water & Dust Resistant IP64

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 flexibility is backed up with premium weather resistance. The Tapo D230S1 is rated IP64 for water and dust resistance, ensuring optimal performance on rainy days and in damp environments. It can so far withstand Melbourne’s fluctuating weather without any issues.

Extendable Onboard Storage or Cloud Storage Options

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 can record videos through the hub’s onboard microSD slot for up to 512GB (sold separately) or through paid Tapo Care cloud storage service. If you don’t really need to store the videos in the cloud, a local storage is a good option. I do find that it’s always better to have the proof stored somewhere else because it’s quite easy for real burglars to destroy the evidence if it’s stored locally.

Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 Review Conclusion

Overall, the Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 offers a solid choice as a smart video doorbell at the front of your house. It has a wide viewing angle with a head-to-toe viewing support, a very good video resolution, AI smart detection, Quick Response feature, and offers local storage as an alternative (if you are not ready yet to pay for a monthly subscription).

It may not have the advanced features like what Ring offers, but it is much more affordable and you may not even need those anyway. Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 is available now at many retailers around Australia like Officeworks and retails for AU$299.

Disclosure: Tapo Video Doorbell D230S1 review sample was supplied for reviewing

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