Tesla CyberTruck in Australia: Super-Cool Features You May Have Missed on

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Tesla started delivering the most awaited Cybertruck to consumers two weeks ago. The Western media has already started pushing their negative narratives about the American brand. But the more they push them, the more badly I want behind the wheel yoke of this Tesla Cybertruck.

When Elon Musk first unveiled the Tesla truck in 2019, many people were not impressed. However, now we can confirm it’s more than an electric pickup truck. Not from the fact celebrities like Serene William are already driving in one. But it does more than get you to your important places.

In this post, I’ve compiled various cool features of Tesla CyberTruck that you’ll love in Australia. Before that, though, below is a summary of how the truck compares to its competitors.

Tesla Cybertruck Tests on Build & Performances vs Competitors

Test forTested withResults of the Test
Body ToughnessTested with GunsLeft only dents/ craters without penetrating
Speed PerformanceDrag RaceBeat Ford, Hammer EV, and Lamborghini Urus
Body ToughnessTested with a Crossbow & ArrowBarely scratched, but bent and snapped off the arrowhead.  
Window ToughnessBaseball at 112 KM/ HDidn’t shatter or leave any cracks
Tractive PowerTruck PullBeat Ford and Rivian EV
Speed & Tractive PowerDrag RaceBeat Porche 911 while towing a 911
Body ToughnessLoaded Rolling CartLeft no dents on the surface
Offroad TestClimbing Steep UphillManage, albeit not as fast as hoped
Crash EffectSide Crash at 38mphMinimal damage and remained on the ground
Ease of Parking/ Taking CornersTight Spot/ Sharper CornersSteers well with rear wheels

Tesla Cybertruck Pick Up Truck: Introducing New Features & Performance

Is there a chance you’ve spotted a  Cybertruck in Australia? The vehicle still has no “order” button here, but I’m dying to be among the first owners.

Tesla Cybertruck is a total game changer in the auto industry. It starts with a one-of-a-kind angular, boxed design, with approximately a 7.9ft width, 18.6ft length, and 5.9ft height.

In reality, the pickup truck is not as wide as it appears to be on TV or in magazines. It’s shorter in length and height than the latest double-cabin Chevy, then only about an inch wider. So, it can fit in the standard garage and still close the door with ease.

A Lasting, Natural Shine

Apart from the box-like body, the exterior “finishing” is the second mark that has the Cybertruck in its own league. Unlike the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y that we’ve had in the country, it is without paint. The body is an Ultra-hard stainless steel on its natural, silvered luster.

Of course, some of the new owners of the truck have since started customizing it with their favorite colors.

However, the natural stainless steel finish means you never have to worry about corrosion or chipped paint. It’s also a nice deterrence for the meanies who have been keying Tesla cars lately for no apparent reason.

Rugged & Bullet-Proof

The rugged build of the Tesla Cybertruck is another reason you may want to get it. As I’ve just mentioned, the body of the vehicle is a high-grade Stainless Steel.

The Tesla team has been performing a number of tests on the Cybertruck to prove how tough it is on the exterior. In one of the tests, they shot a couple of bullets from various guns, including a Tommy Gun, Glock, MP5SD submachine gun, and a shotgun.

In the test, none of the bullets penetrated through to the interior of the Tesla truck. However, the shotgun had a double hit on a single spot.

Still, none of the (shotgun) bullets penetrated the inside, but they did leave a tiny crack in the window. The window was down and behind the targeted door at the time.

It’s certainly a bit disappointing the window is not bulletproof, as the stainless-steel body. But the Armor Glass used is still tough enough to withstand a baseball at 110+ KM/ hour (or class 4 hail).

It’s worth noting this is also an acoustic glass on the window. Thus, the Tesla Cybertruck interior (cabin) brings you a quieter ride that you can enjoy without outside interference.

Need for Speed

One of the controversies about the Tesla Cybertruck by the media is that it has a “too high acceleration for a truck of its weight”. Of the three available series, the Cyberbeast is the fastest, with an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 209 km/h.

The All-wheel drive (AWD) Cybertruck ranks second on the speed, with a 4.3-second acceleration and a maximum speed of 180 km/ hour. Then, the Rear-wheel drive (RWD) series takes the third place, with a 6.7-second acceleration and a maximum speed of 180km/ hour.

Like the toughness, Tesla has done speed tests to compare how fast the Cybertruck can rank against competitors. One of these tests was between Porsche 911 vs Cybertruck (towing a 911), and the truck emerged as the winner.

In a second drag race between Hummer EV vs Cybertruck, the latter took the lead. The Tesla pickup truck also won in a drag race against Ford F-150 Raptor.

So, for the lovers of speed, the 845-hp tri-motor of the Cybertruck (Cyberbeast) is something you’ll genuinely love. The 600-HP dual-motor AWD series is a fast machine as well, and so is the single-motor rear-wheel drive model.

Note: The “budget-friendly” single-motor Tesla Cybertruck All-wheel drive will be the last to join the consumer market in 2025.

Switch from Freeway to Off-Road Drive

Yet another cool feature of Tesla Cybertruck you might have missed is its ability to switch between freeway and offroad modes. What do I mean by this?

First, the Cybertruck has a tire size of 34.6 inches. Thus, will be a bit better while driving on off-road tracks than most standard off-loaders with 33-ish-inch wheels.

In addition to the big wheels, the Tesla truck has an air suspension that gives you a ride clearance/ height of up to 17 inches. And this gives you the most advantage when driving off-road tracks over some competitors.

When you enable the adaptive air suspension, the height change of the electric truck is more noticeable than in the Tesla Model S.

The Cybertruck also has the option to steer with the rear wheels. Thus, allowing you to take sharper corners and get out of tight parking spots with ease.

Haul an RD-0750 Rocket Engine with Ease

I’m sure you’ve seen the previous Tesla cars hauling RV trailers/ campers and other items. The new truck now brings you more than that.

In the sales pitch, the company claims Cybertruck has a towing capacity of 4,990kg and a 1,134kg payload. At such a towing capacity, the truck can haul a standard RD-0750 rocket engine with ease (if you have one).

In a recent test on the truck pull between Cybertruck vs Rivian vs Ford, our Tesla truck won by quite a wide margin. Thus, proving again it’s not just more powerful, but also has a heavy tractive power.

Do remember the Tesla truck had previously (in 2019) pulled the Ford F-150 uphill like a toy in a tug of war. A lot of users claimed the test was unfair and pointless. But in the recent truck pull test, the Cybertruck still beat the F-150 by more than 111 points.

More than Enough Storage Space

At least for me, yes, the storage space with the Cybertruck is more than enough. Sure, the rear bed is not as wide as the regular trucks. However, it’s enough to hold all your camping gear and even lock them for safety with the tonneau (vault) bed cover.

If the bed space isn’t enough, you can fold up the back seats of your Tesla truck to create more space. The specs of the vehicle claim the new space creates 1,530 liters of storage. But you could get a little more space than that if you move the front passenger seat forward a bit.

As an electric vehicle, the Cyertruck has no engine at the front. So, you also have a front truck for extra luggage, while the roof can hold a kayak or canoe.

Melbourne to Keith on Single Charge

In the specs sheet I’ve gone through, there’s no mention of the capacity of the Tesla battery with the Cybertruck. Some experts are estimating the number to be 130kWh, while others 125kWh, and 123kWh.

What Tesla does mention is that the Cybertruck can hit up to 320 miles with a single charge. I’m yet to confirm what happens with the truck when the battery drops to zero- TOTALLY not recommended.

However, for the few I’ve seen with the Tesla Model Y, they have been able to drive 9 – 18 miles with the battery at 0%. Then, one with a Tesla Model 3 was able to drive up to 31 miles at 0%. It all depends on the nature of the road, your speed, and other features active in the car.

In any case, after the 320 miles with your Cybertruck, you can add an extra 128 miles in 15 minutes at a supercharger. Thus, bringing you a total performance range of nearly 450 miles (700+ KM).

It’s easy to find a supercharger on the map of any Tesla. But if for any reason that doesn’t work, just search “Tesla supercharger near me” on your phone or tablet. The superchargers appear with a red energy icon- the grey energy icon is destination charging (with a slower charger).

Power Your Tools Offsite

Besides driving, the Cybertruck battery packs enough juice to operate your basic power tools. Thus, handy for offsite welding and similar projects where wired power is inaccessible.

Even better, the Tesla pickup truck can serve as a power backup for your home with up to 11.5KW during outages. Then, you could charge your other EV cars- perhaps after the battery died on the road.

Tip: Besides power tools, you can use the 120V/ 240V power outlets at the bed of Cybertruck with your entertainment system. The outlets could also work to charge your electronics, albeit the front seat and back seat have other charging options.

Drive in Style

In a nutshell, I don’t think it’s possible to cover everything about Tesla Cybertruck today- limited time on my end. As mentioned in the very beginning, the brand is a total game changer in the pickup industry.  

While a pickup truck, I doubt many owners will be using the Cybertruck to haul construction material. Perhaps in those rare cases, you have a small home project and need a powerful machine for transit.

For the rest, the Tesla truck is most likely to immerse in the futuristic technologies and ride in style. The interior arrangement is pretty elegant for a truck, starting with the 18-inch infotainment system to the super-comfy seats.

For the users in the back seat, there’s also a touchscreen display to control various features of the vehicle or stream videos.

A drawback of the Cybertruck is that the “vault” bed cover blocks the rear window when engaged. But then, the truck has more than enough high-definition cameras that give you a view of all the angles, sides, and even supposedly blindspots.

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